In the name of the Most Merciful Creator


I am a Great Sinner


“I offer my devotion to Him

Who has created me.”


I am a great sinner in this world. Is there any provision for judgement of vice and virtue? Had there been any judgement I would have been pleased. The oarsmen of the boat are very wicked. They do not like to obey the helmsman. Very often I think, what would be the condition of the boat? I apprehend it may sink any time.


O people of the world! Listen to me, why I am a sinner. The body which I possess is my boat. I myself is the helmsman appointed by the Owner Himself for its driving. The sense-organs and the limbs of the body – they all are my oarsmen, so I love them all. But their hearts are so shrinked that every one of them thinks others as enemy to each other. Hence, if I speak good of one sense-organ, I become accused to other organs. If I speak  good of one limb, I become accused to other limbs. They are so ignorant that they feel proud of themselves, but they hate others. The eye says, “I am the best, the ear is nothing”; the hand says, “I am the best, leg is nothing”. But they do not think where lies their origin. The body is born of the sperm – drop and every one of them itself is a very small part of the same body, they cannot realize it. Therefore, all the human race are different parts of the same one body and for peace of this human body, each and every man should co-operate each other, they realize its urgency; but they cannot advance further to establish fraternity each other for foundation peace in the world. The only reason of this is that one countryman hates the other countryman, man of one race despises the men of other races and the followers of one opinion think the followers of other opinions as enemy. This is the same sort of ignorance as an eye hates an ear and the head hates the legs.

I am a sinner in the world, the reason of this is that I call the whole world people as my brethren. If I manifest myself as a Hindu, I become an accused to the non-Hindus. If I manifest as a Christian, I become an accused to the non-Christians. If I manifest myself as a Muslim, I become an accused to the non-Muslims. So I am an accused to all men. I do not think more for this. I now openly say, “O the world people – Hindus-Muslims-Buddhists-Christians you all are my brethren. Let us sit in a judgment. O the religious communit; be it known that (1) the worshipper, (2) the Worshipping and (3) the Worshipped – an coordination of these three is the religion. The worshipper is he who himself is an indigent or a sinner or such a person who is being burnt with the fire of love. And the worshipping is the beseeching help again and again with folded hands for removal of poverty or the beseeching pardon again and again admitting the sin with his head prostrated to the ground or suffering fidgeting from separation-pain of love; trying to give consolation to the heart uttering the name orattributes of the lover. The worship ped is He Who is free from want, Who has not any apprehension for poverty and who has all the time full authority to remove poverty of all and who is capable of being beloved enough by all lovers; and also that who is competent to forgive all sinners. Therefore, the personality which possesses these three special characteristics is the competent one for being the Worshipped one. And such a being can never be a created being, but He should be the Creator. Since the very created beings are the worshippers, because every created being is an indigent; so he is compelled to beseech help for removal of poverty. The name of very man is worshipper, so in different places in different processes and in different names man is worshipping. But for these reason the person who is being worshipped can never be different persons’.


O the world people! I am telling you again and again the created beings and the Creator can never be the same. The Creator is the very actor; the creation is His action. The Creator is out of the zone of life and death. Hence, those who are within the zone of life and death, all of them are poormen and sinners on different reasons. And that which is beyond the zone of life and death He alone is free from poverty and fault. He is always present everywhere with His Own personality. He is the Absolute Authority over the created kingdom; He has no partner or none is equal of Him; so He is the only being worthy of being worshipped by the world people. Therefore, my appeal to the world people, if anybody can prove this argument wrong, as one of your brother, please point out the wrong of my belief. But I am giving this challenge, under the heaven above and upon the earth below, is there any man who can prove the above decision as false? Therefore, the whole world people belong to one race, all are worshippers and the worshipped is the one for all and who has created all its creatures. So much so that for every kingdom there one respectable king. He cannot be more than one. Likewise, all world people are the worshippers and their God is one. He cannot be more than one. And so that, in a kingdom; the state law and policy is one only,  it cannot be different for different people, places, races, casts and creeds etc. likewise, in the kingdom of religion the Lord or the processes of worshipping will be the same. Now, it is subject to consideration, which one of the religious principles prevailing in the world at present is right or wrong.


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