In the name of the Most Merciful Creator

What is the way of peace of mankind -Is it Science or Islam?


The experts of political science are showing us many ways of good government systems of which two are main – one is democracy and the other is socialism. According to political science a sovereign state is constituted taking in consideration everything extant within a territorial limit. The people living within this area are mainly divided into two classes. Of them one is native citizen and the other is foreign citizen i.e. the first is a citizen by birth and the second are the foreigners who live here coming from different countries on different purposes like service, business, education etc. Beside these, there is another class of people who come from other country, take over forcibly government power or sovereign power of the country in their own hands and exploit recklessly the resources of the country. They are colonialists. Naturally, they never care for any system. In democratic system, the foreigners can never enjoy the full benefits of a natural citizen. The native citizens are the real owner of the sovereign authority. Although the citizens are the owner of the sovereign authority, but they can not maintain their livelihood alone individually possessing everything they require. So men are compelled to live in groups or in societies. It is also a fact that without a leader or a headman a society cannot be led properly. For this reason, in a democratic society as a partner of the sovereign authority every citizen has the right to become a candidate for the post of headman of the society or become a voter for election of the headman or he may be a competitor for the post of headman in an election. As per democratic principle the headman of the society is elected on the basis of majority of votes and this very elected headman of the society exercises sole sovereign authority over the general public.

In a democratic country it is a recognized fact that all citizens within the territorial limit enjoy equal rights. In the matter of casting vote or getting elected there is no distinction between the communities or isms like Hindus, Muslims. Buddhists or Christians etc.; their rights can not be more or less while they exercise this franchise. Usefulness of democracy is shown and proved in many ways and arguments. For this reason strong opposition against democracy is not perceptible; rather, undemocratic countries also give recognition to the democratic countries. However, various arguments are given propounding the usefulness of democracy; but it is yet a recognized fact that peace which the mankind is eagerly wanting is not found anywhere in the world. Peace is nowhere in the world. Therefore, without taking any stand against any of my brethren. I like to give in the light of Islam an indication about the way of peace for the good’ of all mankind. I hope and 1 request, you all should go through it with your eye open for your own good and try to think deeply over it.


A brief discussion about Islam:

It should be known that Islam means peace. But the very name does not bring in peace; rather, peace is to be attained by following a definite way. Islam is the embodiment of ‘Insaf’. Therefore, where there is ‘Insaf’ there is Islam and where there is Islam peace is there and the simple meaning of ‘Insaf’ is the dispensation of justice. Therefore, to speak of justice or to support justice is the real path for peace of mankind. This is such a reasonable proposition which cannot be refuted by any man.

Now, I shall try to discuss, if Almighty Allah wishes, another subject which will give ample proof that most of the people of the world have given up ‘Insaf i.e. justice and doing injustice for which people are naturally fallen and degenerated.

The first thing is relating to the sovereignty and the ownership of the citizens. Sovereignty means unbounded power and the citizens are the owners or the authorities of this sovereignty. Such as, a house. 1 have been living here since my birth. I am owner of this house as per my right of inheritance. But if ten more brothers born of the same parents are there to live in the same house they will have the equal right as of mine. But if there live some of my friends or some tenants, they will be the outsiders of this house. They will not enjoy equal right as of mine. In the case of living together in a family often brothers, one of them must be selected as the headman of the family and this headman will be from the ten brothers. In this way democracy is explained in political science.

Now let us see what wrong we have done here. It should be known that ownership is of two kinds. First, general ownership and secondly, basic ownership. Such as, although the house holder is the owner of the house, but the real owner of the house is the government of the country. Therefore, the general public who are the holders of their houses shall have to pay allegiance to the government of the country and abide by the laws and orders of the country. For this reason only one can live in one’s house peacefully. But if anybody disobeys his government he will have to incur wrath of the government and suffer many disadvantages. This is an unrefutable reasoning; nobody has any authority’ to deny it.

Now, I may ask my brethren of reason and wisdom; any citizen or any government whoever it may be, are they common owner of sovereignty or basic owner? If they are common owner, then, who are the basic owner?

Do you pay allegiance to and conduct your lives following the laws of the basic owner?

Whatsoever you may say to this question, it is a fact that there is no country in the present day-world where people are following the laws and orders of the basic owner excepting their own-made constitution. This is a great offence and injustice. Therefore, until they return from this offence and seek forgiveness of the Basic Owner and owe their allegiance to Him. there is no chance for peace and salvation of the people of the world. If any person who doubts or denies the very existence of the Basic Owner other than man. what great wrong he is doing is being explained here. I hope, if deep attention is given to this discussion, it will clearly make us understand as to whether there exists or not an Entity as the Basic Owner other than the owner of a house may succumb to the garvage of a house; the owner of a cow may suffer injury by his cow; the owner of an instrument may suffer loss by his instrument. The king who is the owner of his people may suffer loss by the people and so on. Now it has been reasonably proved well that there is an Omnipotent authority in existence who is the Basic Owner of all things. Until and unless the people owe allegiance to that Basic Owner, nobody can have peace of life. And those who believe and think man as the owner of the sovereign authority — they are really the great sinners and those who support this belief, they also belong to the same group of the sinners. This is not my decision. But the very Basic Owner clearly declars, ‘Inil Hukmu Ilia lillah’ – Allah alone is the owner of the Sovereign Authority (Quran). This very Owner speaks out in another place, “Innash Shirka Lazulmun Azim” – Undoubtedly partnership is a great sin (Quran). Some of my brethren get astonished at the very utterance of anything relating to Islam or the Quran. They think- this is a religious belief of a group of people —can it face the question of modem science, since science is the all-pervading opinion of mankind? What do these brothers do wrong they themselves can not realize. Therefore, for God’s sake they are given to understand about their own wrong. As common people think, Islam is not a religion of a section of the people only, but it is a constitution sanctioned from Allah, Who is the Creator of all mankind and all creation, and He is the Basic Owner of Sovereign Authority. What reasons are there in this constitution all have been given by Allah. And the reasons that we find in science have been given by the scientists. And since the scientists are finite and Allah is infinite, there cannot be any comparison between the finite and the infinite. The wise father is the teacher himself and the inconsolable son is his pupil. In this case, the son should obey every instruction of his father whole heartedly without any question or objection. But if there arises any childish curiosity in the mind of the son he can not but ask about it and the father also is not angry at the first reaction of his son, but he tries to prove baselessness of the argument of his son. But if the son does not give up his argument and in addition, if he tries to disobey the reasons of his father or teacher, only then the affectionate father is angry with him and the son suffers whipping.

Therefore, 0 the people of the world! None of you should think that Islam is not for me or not for you; rather, Islam is the only acceptable religion or straight path for the people of all places and for all times. But in different times and in different places it has descended in different languages and in different names. That is, the Creator of mankind, after their creation has let them live on earth. And who is not aware that before the descendent of mankind, the planet in the name of earth was extant there? And the Being that has allowed mankind to live on this earth, if He had not the sovereign authority over this planet, then how did He settle mankind over a place ‘ belonging to other authority? Therefore, the Entity that has created men, that very Entity has created this world also; and sovereign authority of this world belongs to Him alone, men can never be the sovereign authority of .this world. This is not a theoretical debate only; rather i may give here the practical proof of the real fact. Suppose, you are leading the government of a country. The sovereign authority of the country is in your hand. While you are still sitting on the throne and the earth begins to tremble, what will you do? In spite of your unwillingness the land threw you out from the throne. Nothing of your authority can still the land. Suppose, you are on the throne, the moment then strong storm begins to blow disrupting everything. Do the storm stops blowing by your order? Do the rivers flowing upon your land effect ebb and flow according to your wishes? Then, on which is your ownership? Keep aside the matter about world or your kingdom, please tell me, your body — from the hair of your head to the nail of your toe — is your any order effective on this body even? In spite of your unwillingness it succumbs to diseases etc. However, men live in different countries, speaks, in different languages, but their aim can not be different. The race of men is one, their aim also is one. That is, the Creator has created two things for men — one is fortune and the other is misfortune. Men want what is fortune and try to defend themselves from what is misfortune. And what is fortunate for me, that is fortunate for all men and what is unfortunate for me is unfortunate for all men. And fortune and misfortune — everything is in the Hand of the Creator who has created the world first; then he sent the first man to this earth. He made that man understand, “Look, you are my created being and I am your owner — have faith in these always. Whatever your mind wants to have, want that from Me. And whatever is disliking of your mind try to seek refuge from that to Me. This land is of Mine; you will live on this land, I shall protect you. Leave these advice with your children also. Know it for certain that whoever violates my orders he must suffer misfortunes. Therefore, that man is the original man and that Basic owner is the Owner of all. And His orders and proscriptions are the observable religion of all times, lands and of all mankind. Its name is Islam. After a few time, for worldly development of mankind and for maintenance of orderliness amongst the people, they were being created discriminatory. Such as, some are learned, some are ignorants, some are riches, some are poor etc. That is, men were being created in two levels – one is capable and the other is incapable. Such as, between a husband and a wife, a husband is capable and a wife is incapable. Between a servant and a master, a master is capable and the servant is incapable. The reason is that men can lead their lives in orderliness and enjoy peace. If the incapable persons owe allegiance to and abide by the capable person, — this is peace; and if there is disobedience, discontentment is inevitable there. Again, such as. peace is there where wife obeys her husband; peace is there where the servant obeys his master and peace is there where people obey their king. And the opposite is the discontentment. If you ask anybody of any country or of any language as to what is ‘Insaf, that is, what is justice, that is, is not it peace for the incapable to obey the capable? Or is it peace for the incapable to disobey the capable? Everywhere you will get one and same answer that it is justice, it is ‘insaf for the incapable to obey the capable. And in the language of religion it is called ‘the Islam1. Therefore, when the people of the world by dint of their knowledge lead their lives in orderliness, the world then develops fast. But after some periods, when the capable groups, that is, the wise in worldly knowledge, the rich or the influential persons, when there arise in their minds different questions like that of an unconsolable child, they instead of going to the experienced religious teacher for correct answers of their questions, they consider the decision of their own finite knowledge as the final one and they themselves formulate their own code of life and then begins the degradation. In this way when men think themselves as the sole owner of the sovereign authority forgetting their Basic Owner; the Creator then makes men understand through and by one living man from amongst themselves the same thing what He had made the first man understand. Firstly, He is like the same experienced father himself who very affectionately was teaching his son, making them understand; but still if they do not restrain themselves from showing manoeuvres of their childish limited knowledge and they go on defying the reasons of the revealed teacher they must suffer the scourge of whipping. However, the persons who had been sent so far from the beginning, all of them had one advice, one principle and one duty. They had advised that men could never be the Basic Owner, Basic Owner is only one and He is the Creator. The person who had been sent to any country to give lesson about the Creator, His name and fame were preached in his own language of that country. But all the revealed persons had the same sermon. “O the people of the world! Give up injustice, establish justice. The great injustice is disobedience of the incapable to the capable. And O people! Don’t you realize how much capable is the Creator and how much incapable are you? Man is so much incapable that he has no authority over his own body, whoever he may be, either he may be a king or a great rich or a great scientist. And how much capable is He that He has kept the great sky above us still without any piller, made the sun and the moon rise and set etc. So for all men religion is one—there is no other religion. This is monism, i.e. this is not an ism of any country; rather, the sun above, the land below whatsoever there is in the sky and on the land, visible or invisible, all animal and material things-everything belonging to the earth and the sky-sovereign authority of which is with the Basic Owner, the One Lord, Who is alone and unparalleled. He is extant from time immemorial and He is eternal. All the attributes are His own and unchangeable. He Himself is All-Sufficient. He does not require any help or assistance. He never suffers any loss by any of His creation. No misfortune can ever touch Him. To owe obeisance to Him and to lead life abiding by His orders and proscriptions is the Holy Islam. It is the universal religion. The basic principle of Holy Islam is called the ‘Iman’ or the Faith. Every revealed person uttered the words: “O People! Have faith in the Creator and the revealed Medium.” In the language of scripture, the Holy Quran, it was said “Kool Atiullaha wa Rasula”. In this sentence instead of “Iman” meaning – “Faith”, “Etayet” – “Obedience” has been told. Because “faith” without “obedience” is a mere word only; it cannot give salvation. Such as a patient cannot recover from his illness only by his faith in the books of medicine and wordly faith in the doctors.; rather, he must obey the doctor and take medicine as per his prescriptions. By this topic nobody should ever doubt that the revealed persons descend as obstacles to put hindrances to any system of modern developments. It never happens so. Rather they descend for bringing the people of the modern age out of the world of the limited knowledge and making them reach and have communication with the Basic Owner in the Infinite World. The scientists and the inventors of the modern age also get their knowledge from the very Creator, Allah. Then when it is said that- “Bandaye Khaskunad lutfe amra” – that is, one person is nominated for beneficence of all the people of the world; in addition, when rail train, aeroplane, and other scientific machines and instruments are rendering good to the people of the world, then the Almighty Allah does not send anybody as impediment to the path of development and progress. Men of sciences of the modern age know that no action is possible without an actor, and every action, of course, has a reason behind it. The reason and/or objective of every action can be known properly from its actor only and no action itself can express its objective. Suppose, some one divided a tree into planks. What the owner would do with these planks, whether he would make a cot or a boat, the planks themselves did not know it nor could they tell it. If some body says something from conjectures, there will be dissensions among them. That is. Somebody will say that cofs will be made from the planks, somebody will say that boats will be made of the planks and so on. There are two ways to know it definitely. Firstly, to know from its actor; secondly, to know from such a person to whom the actor had informed him of it. Here there is no scope for any doubt or dessensions. Now, J may ask, you are a man. Well, tell me, are you the owner of your own entity or are there any other being who is the owner of your entity? You must admit that you are nothing but an action. Do you know for what purpose have you been created? The very Creator knows it well, and the person whom the Owner had informed of the purpose of his creation also knows it. And the person aware of the purpose is sent as blessings of the people of the world, he is the messenger of Allah, the revealed person. O my human beings! The Owner of mine, of yours and of the whole universe unequivocally declares, “Afahasibtum annama khalaqnakum. Abasau-O-annakum iiaina laturjaun.” That is, “Do you think that you have been created without any reason? Do you think that will you not come to me?” Think, why have I been created as a man, why had I been without teeth at my birth, without knowledge, without the power of movement and speaking: why had I been in my childhood without beard-moustache, why do they come of now? Why hair and beard were black in my youth and why are they now white? Why there come of many desires in my mind, some of them are fulfilled and some are not; why shall I have to • live both in diseases and good health, why do I feel joy and sorrow in my minds? Why shall I have to leave for good my dear life and loving family living of this world? No man can give answers to these questions by dint of scientific or philosophical knowledge, [f any body gives any answer that would be nothing but conjectures. So there would be disunity among the wises and the people would fall in confusion. Therefore, the Creator out of His infinite mercy, chooses one man from amongst His servants for the benefit of all the people of the world and gives answers to these questions. He even awares him about what would happen after death. He also awares him about that principle following which we may become beloved of the Creator and the followers of that principle, as a reward of their performance would be dignified in this world and after death they will get salvation and permanent abode of peace. Now, you think in this age of sciences also how much it is necessary for advent of a revealed person. Another fact is that treatment of diseases is being done in scientific ways. For taking preventive measures people are more secure than ever from cholera, tuberculosis, small-pox, typhoid etc. This is the contribution of the scientists. The common people should remain thankful to them for this. But is there any means for protection from the basic disease i.e. death? Look, men have been created for services of men only and service to men is the best of religions. In this modern age the wise and the literati are devising for good of mankind, but in their very devices also are there many loop-holes and mistakes for which they themselves along with the mass public are suffering from heavy losses. For evasion from these losses also advent of a person revealed from the Creator is the necessity of the time, Although for taking preventive measures epidemic form of many diseases like tuberculosis, cholera, small-pox, typhoid etc. has diminished to a great extent; death rate in these diseases is surely much less than before; but the rate has increased manifold due to transport collisions, accidents, plane crashes, submersion of naval vessels, motor launches, boats and many other social evils like drug addiction, communal riots, dacoity, personal enmity, terror, hijacking etc. Now the question is: what is the best of services for rendering good to mankind? Somebody will say, protection of men from diseases is the best service. Some will say, stopping of dacoity is the actual service. But nothing of these sorts is the actual service. Then, what is the actual service? The Holy Islam is showing that path. The revealed person calls you out: O the learned people! You think and look, your very entity is not your own. Your entity is dependent on the entity of your Creator. So your protector is He Who is your Creator. Therefore, you submit yourself to Him and swear this way, “La-ilaha Illallah” – there is none but one Allah. “Ilah” here means the sovereign authority of the Basic Owner, that very Being is the owner of my life, wealth and prestige. This has been said in the Quran, “Say: O Allah! Owner of the Kingdom! Thou givest the kingdom to whomsoever Thou pleasest and takest away the Kingdom from whomsoever Thou pleasest; and Thou exaltest whom Thou pleasest and abesest whom Thou pleasest; in Thine hand is the good; surely Thou art Possessor of power over all things”, That is, it is Allah Who is the Owner of the whole universe, whom He pleases makes the owner of a country of the world or leader of the people and He has the power, if anybody being powerful disobeys Allah, then Allah removes him from his power (either by death or by dismissal) and He is the Owner of prestige and whom He pleases gives prestige. And if he disobeys Him He abeses him instead of exaltation. He is the possessor of power over all things. So the person who submits to that Owner, the Owner accepts him in His shelter. But the common people cannot lead their lives without a leader. And the Creator also does not descend on earth physically to lead the people. For this reason the revealed person should be taken as vicegerent or apostle or representative of the Creator. Therefore, the name of that revealed person is added to complete the “Kalima”, such as, “Muhammadur Rasulullah (SM)”, that is, I admit that there is no other owner except one Allah and on His behalf I accept you Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) as my guide (Leader). Henceforward I shall be obliged to abide by your orders. So in the Quaran it has been said: “Obey Allah and obey the Prophet”. He will remain pleased with him who is obedient to the prophet and the person with whom the prophet is pleased, Allah Himself will remain pleased with him. That is not all; rather, He forgives all sins of the swearer. Such as, “Say, If you love Allah then follow me, Allah will love you, and forgive you. your faults; and Allah is Forgiving Merciful.” (Quran) However, obedience and allegiance to the prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Sm) is the only way to getting peace in the world and salvation in the hereafter. I hope the Muslim community will accept this without any doubt. But the question arises, inspite of great number of muslims living here and there in the world as the followers of the prophet (Sm.), are not the people of the world going bad to ‘worse? And what is the reason of it? To this question, I may like to say, K» ‘Did not the Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) leave this message with us too, that ‘some day must come after me, that day will remain the name of Islam only and some rituals, there will not remain the Ruh’—spirit in actual term?’ This was the reason for destruction of the latter generation of the followers of every prophet and there was necessary for advent of the prophets one after another. Because, the degenerated persons cannot themselves know the reason of their degradation nor can they detect their own faults. For example, the person over whom the ‘path-blinder’ prevails cannot realize that he is going astray; had he been aware of his going out of the way, then would he ever go to wrong way? Therefore, for detection of his own fault there is necessary for another person. However, Allah has told us in His Kalam,’ I have sent it and i am the protector of it”. But how He will do it, He knows it best. But whenever or whatever He does, He doesn’t do it without a man. For this it is said, “Whatever is done, done by Himself. the Lord of the universe; He Himself does the work, but the name is ascribed to others.” At this some brethren may get frightened and apprehended: “Will there be advent of any more prophet?” But my brethren should know that the apostle himself is not Allah, but the executive representative of Allah: hence, there is no path for advent of any apostle after Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.); but his executive representative must come and with this person Allah will fulfil his promise. However, keeping aside the matter about that person i.e. who is that person, when and wherefrom he will come and without much thinking about it. we should now think and closely observe that the “Siratul Mustakim”—the straight path of Islam, are the Muslims following this path or have they gone astray? Had they been far away from this straight way, then to bring them on the way also there is necessity for coming of a person—we should reasonably admit this. The persons in the leadership of Islam are the ‘ulema’ community. For detection of faults and their rectification of the ignorants, the ‘ulema’ community alone is sufficient. But who will detect the faults of and rectify the ‘ulema’ community? Now, we should know what wrong the ‘ulema’ community have done and/or are still doing. In the Holy Scripture Allah says, “O latahinu O latahjanu O antumui alauna in kuntum mu’minin” — that is, the followers of the Quran will not be abased, sorrow or losers till they will remain firm in their belief. But what you have believed in of the Quran you must be firmly unanimous in your belief and you will get full reward for this. So, with much stress He says, “Otasimu be-hablillahi jamia ola tafarraqu” – That is. what has been bestowed upon you, you shall remain united holding the rope fast and clinging round one another and live together and never be divided amongst yourselves. If these two ‘ayats1-‘signs’, are set together, the plain meaning of this stands as follows: Wherever you may be and whatever age it may be, whenever you face any problem you search out its solution in Allah’s ‘kalam’ and the ‘sunnah’ of His rasul (Sm.). Whatever solution you find out you believe in it as the real solution. You unanimously cling firmly round it. Never be disunited in this matter. And if you are divided one another then the result of your faith will not come of. That is, in despite of living large number of the followers of the Quran there in the world there is every possibility of their being abased and sorrow. Somebody may doubt that this was the situation prevailing at the time of the prophet. This doubt also is wrong. Because, while the apostle was alive he himself was the solver of the problems. At that time there was not written Quran or hadith. And there was not the necessity of finding out anything in the scriptures. However, at the present time politics has become a great problem before the ‘ulema’ community. They are not unanimous about it. One class thinks politics as antagonistic of Islam. They think politics is irreligious and they keep themselves aloof from politics. Another class has plunged wholly into politics. Of course, it is a great problem. Whom do the common people will follow? Do the common people will judge which party of the ulemas is in favour of the Quran-Hadith? If anybody says that both the parties are rights, let the people support what they like. This sort of believes will be clearly antagonistic to the Quran, Because, Allah says, “You do remain united”. And your are breaking the unity over a very clear thing. If it is said that one party is right and the other party is wrong, to this, my question is: How would you decide which one is wrong? Has there revealed any inspiration by which they are proving the antagonistic party as wrong? If it is said that they prove it wrong by Quran-Hadith, to this my argument is that it is quite unreasonable. Because, whom you prove as wrong by Quran, your antagonistic party also is proving you as wrong by the same Quran. This is not just settlement, rather it is a quarrelling with the Quran.

However, it is seen that both the parties of ‘ulema’ communities are far away from the path shown by Islam. All the muslims of the world admit in a voice that Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) was leading the Muslim world from Medina. Is there anybody who can deny that while Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) was leading the muslim world, was not he then executing the responsibility of religious teacher or responsibility of Nabuat also? Then, while the apostle of Islam was himself performing the duty of-politics, then, how politics has now been a breach of Islam? Therefore, those who Jhink politics as breach of Islam they have gone wrong. Now, those who have plunged into politics what wrong have they done is being shown here.

The politics which is in vogue now a days in the world in the name of democracy and socialism, have they got any consistency with Islam? According to the state policy the people of a country are divided into two classes. First, native citizens, secondly, foreigners or outsiders. It is inconsistent with Islam. Such as, within the geographical limit of Medina Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) and the ‘Muhajirins’ – all were foreigners or outsiders. Secondly, in modern time, in a democratic country, the people of the country are considered as the owner of the sovereign authority of the country. This is the root of’shirk’, partnership with Allah, relating to which in the Quran it has been said, “Innash Shirka lajulmun azim” – “Surely partnership is a great sin”. The advent of an apostle is required for settlement of this partnership. Then the country is conducted by the leader elected by the general public. But the apostle was never elected by the general public. So this election system also is not consistent with Islam. When in almost all affairs there are inconsistencies between modern politics and Islam, then this is a great mistake on the part of the ‘ulema’ communities to join competitions in politics with the non-ulemas. So, those who on the pretext of preservation of Islam spoke aloud about politics they were failure as they did not get any help from Allah and the people lost their mental strength about Islam.

Some of my brethren may question that the very Islam breeds democracy, since the caliphs were elected by vote. This very question is also wrong. Because, the caliphate and apostleship are not the same thing. For an apostle breeds Islam and Islam breeds caliphate or democracy. So, there cannot be comparison between modern democracy and Islamic democracy in any way.

Now the differences between the Islamic democracy and modern democracv are being clearly shown in here:

The modern democracy has originated from political science and political science has originated from the ideas of limited knowledge of men. And democracy is materialized in this way: Some men of special characteristics of any country try to inspire people in this way: “We are the inhabitants of this land. This is our motherland. Motherland is just like as mother. This mother gave birth to us. We have been brought up within her lap. We all are equal partners of this country. None of us is high or low. Just to a mother no child is less or more beloved. The colonialists are exploiting our interests. They should be driven out. We must take in hand our right. Then our motherland will provide us with peace, food and clothing”. With this speech some enthusiastic people get inspiration and begin independent movement, Lastly, if the country gets independence, then the motto of movement is diverted to other way. Then it is said: “To conduct the country in the right way we need a constitution. For this we require representatives from amongst us”. Therefore, election is then given for consideration of the leaders. In this election, over a definite age limit all citizens – high-low literate or illiterate, learned – ignorant, people of all communities enjoy equal rights. This gives enthusiasm in the minds of the public. For, they think, this is fraternity, this is equality and this is tranquility. However, the person who wins the place of leadership in the election on the basis of majority of votes, he becomes the sole owner of sovereign authority. That very leader will apply his sole authority in framing the democratic constitution. The person who will violate the constitution, he will have to give account for his action to that leader or his party. But to whom the leader will give account for his action? None. So, if that leader is selfish, then he may abuse his power for his personal gain and the number of selfish person is always high and the number of selfless person is always less. So under the repression of such selfish leader mass people of the country undergo manifold sufferings. In the present world many countries have won freedom by mass movement. Conditions of the most of those countries are almost the same. If any ever likes to justify this truth he should investigate into the lots of the common people of the lower level. You should not depend on the reports of travellers or newspapers only. Of course, those whose knowledge has Allah expanded, wherever they may be. they can see the actual position.

Now, we should know what is Islam and where it has originated from.

Islam originated from an apostle and an apostle originated from Allah. When people of the world forget their own Owner or defy the code of life that has been given by Him. they give up that code of life and they try to follow man made code of life and suffer from its bad results, then the Merciful Creator, Allah being very much kind to them nominates a living man as Saviour from amongst the people of the world. It should also be known that no person can be an apostle by dint of his austerity or ability; rather, fully ignorant and unaware a person is spiritually inspired and made aware and informed of about His Own wishes and designs and He ordains him to work according to His commandment. As for example, by the first inspiration He makes him aware: Tell, you are a man. Do you know whether there is any owner of your entity?” With the moment of this very question his heart is illuminated with the light of mystic knowledge by inspiration. Enlightened with this knowledge the apostle instantly gives answer: “Yes, there is.” Then he is asked, “Who is that Owner?” He replies: “I do not know.” Then He says, “Listen to me, I am your Creator, I have framed a ‘mind’ of you. I have created two things for your mind in this universe — one is desirable for your mind and the other is undesirable. Then tell me, are you capable enough to save yourself from undesirable things of your life?” He replies, “No.” Then he is said, “You must take help of such a person who can give all the good that you require and also save you from all ills. Then, traverse the world with vision” – “Kool siru fil ardhe”. The apostle replies, “Travelled”. Then he is again asked, “Has there any such person?” The apostle replies. “None”. Then he is said, “Listen to me, I am that person. There is none, but I am alone only. Then, what will you do? To submit to this Self-sufficient, Omnipotent person is the formost duty, isn’t it? To take His shelter for all kinds of help.” Then, that person (apostle) in his own accord with pleasure and knowledge submits to Him. And says. “La-ilaha-illailahu” – O Allah, there is none but Thou, the only Owner of mine; Thou the Owner of my creation; Thou, the Owner of my preservation: Thou art the Owner of my body; Thou art the Owner of my mind; Thou art the Owner of my good and evil, there is none except Thou; Thou art the Donor of my shelter; I am your protege.” Islam originated from this. What is Islam and Muslim? That is the joining together of two entities into two new names. Such as, one male person and a female – they are two entities; when the female with her full pleasure and knowledge submits herself completely to the male person and the male person also with all pleasure offers shelter to the female or accept her, then two new names are ascribed to them. Such as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’. Just like this, no man by mere tribal heritage or by traditional ritual knowledge can be a muslim until he pledges to dedicate all his belongings to the Creator and also pledges to be His servent or admits His servitude to Him. So, Allah has said. “O-O-jadaka dallan fahada” – i.e. “you were unaware. [ gave you wisdom.” Then this person does not have any apprehension. Why will he fear? The very Lord of good and evil has given him the shelter. Fear of death? No, he is not afraid of death. Because. Allah Himself is the Owner of death; and after death all shall have to go to Him alone only. So, this very person who submits himself in this way is a Muslim and his religion is Islam. For this reason Islam is said to be the religion of peace. Then, Allah calls him and says: “Henceforth thou art of Me, and Me thou. If the whole people of the world try to harm you, they will not be able to harm a hair of you, till I protect you. And if the whole people of the world together try to do good to you, they will not be able to do so until I wish so.” Therefore, the event that has happened with the person spiritually and the belief that he has achieved is called the ‘Haqqul Eaquin’ i.e. perception of Allah at the Highest level. This very person having faith in one Allah – faith of all the people of the world taken together will not have any comparison with his. Why does it so happen? The reason is that this very person will be the saviour of the world. And when the whole people of the world go far astray from the straight path of Islam, they will have to be called upon to Islam i.e. to the path of Allah. How many opinions against this person will come forth! He will be called mad, infidel, and so on and he will be put to much untold miseries. And he alone will face all these odds. This is possible only by such person who has unflinching faith in Allah. And this sort of faith can not be attained by hearing from others only. So, Allah by showing him some special spiritual signs He strengthens his belief.

Then Allah says: “O My servant! The knowledge what I have bestowed upon you, is it a trifling matter by which you have got good of yourself? No, never. Rather, it is better than the kingship of the whole world. The throne of kingship can neither give its owner any good nor can save him from any evil. Listen to me. this unvaluable gift which you have got by the acceptance of Islam or taking shelter under the care of Allah, do you like to enjoy it alone? 0 My servant! Know it that he who does not love men, the best of my creation, I do not love him. What is my wish? Now, listen to Me, why I have shown you this unprecedented event,-(Ea iuhannabiyou inna  arsalnaka      ).   That   is.   I   have   appointed   you   my   executive representative or apostle. Why? 1 alone • is the Owner of the sovereign authority of the whole creation and I alone shall bring you all near to Me after death — to make the whole mankind understand this news 1 have appointed you as My apostle. Men will be divided into two groups after hearing of this from you – some people will believe in you and some others will not. So, I shall appoint you as witness for both the parties on the Day of Resurrection. Give glad tidings to the believers, and retribution for the disbelievers. I give you permission, you call the people to my way. You do not fear as to who will listen to you and who will not. I have bestowed upon you knowledge from my unlimited stock of knowledge (siraja munira – the shining sun?) to keep you supreme over all the scientists of limited knowledge and the ‘ulenias’ of the acquired knowledge in this age of darkness. It is in the darkness of night the path-blinder leads the people astray; but when the sun rises in the morning the people who have lost their path will get back their way again. So, at the instigation of the devil those who have lost the straight path of Islam, you will show them unrefutable reasons which I have bestowed upon you and try to make them understand their mistakes and call them to My way. And whoever will listen to you, believe in you and submit to Me through you, I shall give him shelter. If they like to get my shelter, they should submit to you.”

The apostle thinks: all the people are not of my own race, then, how shall I tell them about one religion? So, Allah makes him understand, “Look, your birth, your livelihood etc. everything is as like as of all the people of the world.” However, when Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) began to call people after having the commandment, then he alone was Muslim. And before him all the prophets were also Muslims and their Scriptures were also gifted by Allah. Inspite of that, why was it necessary again to send new prophets?

But when he really came, then all the people began to rebel against him. called him Her, mad, made him outcast, drove him out of the land, but he was undaunted. Because it was sure, he received commandment from Allah. So, he alone could have stick to his own opinion against all odds.

However, I do not tell that Allah’s beloved religion Islam and His Scripture (Kitab) got removed from the world. Rather, men themselves have got aloof from Islam and Scripture. So, the degradation of mankind has begun and the need for stretching the ‘Divine Hand’ of Allah, has also arisen. So, for saving the mankind from degradation of the present time also, there is no other means but Allah’s help. The same thing is to be remembered again here that to keep anybody stick to Islam he must be a Muslim or he must be one of those who dedicate themselves. Secondly, he must submit himself to a man only. For this reason, one shall have to submit to Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.)’ and complete the ‘kalima’ by saying “La-ilaha-illallahu -Muhammadur Rasulullah”. For, the inner significance of this ‘kalima’ is that the person to whom the oath of allegiance is pledged by reading this ‘kalima’ he shoud be recognized as the sole authority to exercise the God-gifted supreme power over the pledger’s life, wealth and prestige.

However, in the absence of the apostle, for maintenance of orderliness amongst the Muslims and calling men to Islam, who will take over the responsibility of the apostle? If it is said that all the ‘sahabe’ (all the associates of the apostle) will take over the responsibility of the apostle. then there will be no unity amongst them. Or if it is said that the person who is the fittest amongst them will take over the responsibility. Then, surely the person who \viil claim to be the fittest person, he will be identified as arrogant. Therefore, the exigency of election by vote arises there. For this reason, it is said that it is only Islam that has given birth to democracy, but democracy has not given birth to Islam. The special feature of Islam is that the people there shall be of one opinion only—they all must be Muslims. In Islam there is no provision for franchise between the people of different opinions.

There shall be an advisory meeting of the people of some extra ordinary personalities and the person to whom majority of them will pay homage and have faith he will be elected as the caliph. Those of my brethren who treat the modern mass voting system with the Islamic voting system as the same, they have committed great mistake. However, in Islam to owe allegiance to a caliph is the same as to owe allegiance to the apostle, just as to owe obedience to an apostle is the same as to owe obedience to Allah. For this reason, at the time of caliphate Islam spread far and wide so speedily. But when there began to rise differences of opinions in Islam, then began the decline of the power of Islam. But still then, although there was no primeval faith of Islam which was prevalent at the time of early caliphs, yet there was a line of preaching of ritual Islam under the monarchs. Under them Islam could have reached in different parts of the world. Amongst them also there was a class of preachers who appeared in different places at different times being spiritually inspired by Allah. People had profound reverence and faith in them. By dint of their spiritual knowledge and inspiration people could have won well disposition and behavior. But after that period situation has become so worse that there has arisen one class of people from amongst the muslims who have begun to create chaos and confusion amongst themselves calling one another ‘kafir1-infidel, innovators, outcaste etc. Far from preaching Islam outside they themselves have become enemy to each other. To show their own scholasticity they take part in religious debates and arguments. How much harm they have done to religion by their activities they themselves can not realize it. Suppose, 1 call some one infidel. This is because I have hatred against him and I have applied to him the “fatwa” of’Kufr” i.e. infidel. This is a matter of deep thought that if he is not actually infidel in the eyes of Allah, shall not fall this sanction of infidelity i.e. “Kufri fatwa” on me? Now a days it has become regular feature to apply “Kufre futwa” i.e. sanction of infidelity to a leader or a headman of a sect or by-sect by a leader or headman of another sect or by-sect; and giving much stress to this fact it is said that if anybody has any doubt about this sanction of infidelity, then he also be a “Kafir” or “infidel”. In the ‘shariah’ law of Islam what lies in there- out of these two sects, shall not the one party/sect be surely “kafir”? Think a little, you are proving one of your brothers as “Kafir” according to the sanctions of Kitab or Scripture, does not that person (as he is also an ‘alim) follow the same Kitab or Scripture which you yourself is following? Whatsoever you may speak, this ‘ulema’ class is destroying the Islam and giving the non- Muslims chances to mock at Islam. O Muslim? Are you a Muslim in name only? Have you ever tested yourself whether you are on the straight path of Islam? For testing your faith the touch stone is the Holy Quran. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) became Muslim after submitting himself to Allah. Allah made him His executive representative. He alone proved baselessness of the religions of the whole polytheists; but he never showed his arrogance. He clearly declared: “Ana basharum Mislokum” – I am none but a man like you. But the difference is that— “Euha Elaiya” – ‘1 am the recipient of Inspiration of Allah, you are not so.’ And the person who is the true follower of the prophet, the person who has dedicated his own life, wealth and prestige under the feet of the Hazrat Mahammad (Sm.) and has become his servant; Allah, of course, has accepted him. Such a person can never be puffed up, show his arrogance to any of his muslim brothers. But he always keep himself ready to prove the truth of Islam before the whole people of the world and to show and prove baselessness and faults of the religions of all the non-Muslims. I have already told you that to speak of justice and to abide by justice are the inner significance of Islam and this is the only ingredient of peace. Now, what I shall tell you, please see and consider, whether it pertains to justice or not. If it is pertaining to justice, then support it and if it is against justice, please let me understand it.

I believe, Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) is true and the last of the prophets and those who read with faith, “La-ilaha-illallah-Muhammadur Rasulullah” -they are my dear brethren. Those who are rendering services for preaching and spreading of Islam, whatsoever way it may be. for their fault and rectification recommendation of’Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) is sufficient. But it is sufficient for those who read ‘kalima’ for saving their own lives only. But this is not so for those upon whom the responsibility for reaching the universal Islam to the people of the whole world has been vested. Such as, ‘K.imtum Khaira Ummatin”, further more. “Oma arsaluaka ilia Rahmatullil alamin”: – the simple version of these two ayats-signs — is as : O apostle! I have sent you as blessings for the whole people of the world. Since you have become a Muslim and got Islam or recipient of peace; people of the whole world also may become Muslims, get peace of Islam or the recipient of Allah’s blessings or mercy by following the teachings of you. But O Apostle! You will not remain here for good and it will not be possible for you to spread your teachings all over the world. So, I shall maintain a system after you for preaching of Islam. From amongst your followers, when it will be necessary, I shall raise a party who will impart orders and proscriptions to people of the world as like as you and their reaching would be like that of yours.” And without making any party nobody can individually pass any decree on the people. For the person who has no power, people will not pay any heed to him whatsoever good his advice may be; rather, people will mock at him. And the person who has no part)’, has no influence. The judge cannot implement his order without a party-just like a dacoit can not commit any dacoity without a party. Therefore, it is very reasonable to have a party of honest people to implement the orders for good works and enforce proscriptions against bad works. And without a leader no party can be formed and it cannot be conducted or directed without a leader. Therefore to unite the world muslims and to reach the order for good works and proscriptions for bad works there is. of course, the necessity of a wrorld leader. Islam has reached all over the world, it is a fact. But the influence of Islam has not been established over the world people.

The reason of this is that the Muslim world has no unity. In Islam there are prevalent so many sects and by-sects like Shia. Sunni, Majhabi, lamajhabi, Ahie-Jumma, Lajumma, etc. Nobody can deny this. But I do not hate any person whoever utters the “Kalima”. Only for the sake of apostle Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.), i have respect for all of them. Is this my vice or virtue, I do not know. But Allah has made me understand that for the sectarian reason if I hate anybody or keep them aside, I shall have to remain alone isolated with my own opinion, or I shall have to merge myself with any party and shall have to become a member of any sub-sect. But none of these parties can give any solution of the problems. So, I have submitted my heart and soul to Allah, the Lord of the universe. From His Holy Words, the Holy Quran, He has made me understand that when the time of the destruction of Islam and the Quran by dissensions will come, the moment then the Protector of the Quran, the Lord of Islam by His spiritual power will protect Islam and the Quran. And this is the time. Therefore, Allah by His chosen person will make united all the sects and by-sects of the muslims—turn them into one party. That chosen person will be the world leader. Many person may raise a question, “Who is that person? Why is he not claiming?” It should be known that Allah does not do anything without having any mystic meaning behind a thing. Allah is All-Seer and Omniscient. He does whatever He likes and in what way He likes. The erstwhile communication system was not so improved. In early time, wherever there appeared any revealed person, whatever country it might be. He had placed his claim there and the moment there began rebellion against him and his life ended facing with vehement struggles and oppositions.

Lastly, his followers had preached his teachings from country to country. At the time of preaching some falsehood had also mixed with true facts. For rectification of these mistakes even. He had to send again another person. And this person also fell prey to the same troubles. But now a days, for tremendous advancement of science and knowledge, the communication system has so far developed that the whole world has now become one society and the World Organization is supervising this society. Therefore, in the present age the chosen person will lay his claim to the world people through this World Organization—this is reasonable and this is justice. And reasonably he will not be elected by the mass public. For, if that person is elected by any party or by any section of the people, the other party or other section will not be obliged to obey him. If he appears from any country, the other country will not be obliged to obey him. Therefore, it is reasonable to be chosen by the Creator Himself. 1 believe in that Allah curses the falsehood. So, I fear Allah. What Mighty Allah has informed me of, I am telling you that. If any brother thinks it wrong or injustice, then for the sake of Islam, please give evidences of my mistakes and I request him to correct me. This is Islam. And the brethren who think it as just, I request them to have a communication with me for implementation and materialization and to know details about it. This is Islam. For he who says the right thing, to support him is the right action — this is actual Islam. And in it lies peace of mankind in this world and salvation in the hereafter.

Whatever is to be preached I have preached it. All praises be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe. Grant Thou my prayer. Amen!