Only a letter is the contents of this booklet. This letter was addressed to the Ahmadiyya Khalifa, Rabwa, Pakistan and sent by registered post on April 1, 1978. A duplicate copy of this letter was again sent by registered with acknowledgement due post on September 13, 1978. Another copy was personally handed over to the Ahmadiyya Anjuman, Dacca, Bangladesh, on April 20, 1978. Before this letter, on five or six occasions similar letters on different points were personally handed over to the Ahmadiyya Anjuman, Dacca Bangladesh. Having been failed to elicit any reply from the Amir of Bangladesh, copies of all the letters along with some handbills were sent to the Ahmadiyya Missions in Washington, London and Quadian in India. Recently, two more letters were also sent to one Ahmadi leader of Mymensingh Town of Bangladesh. But excepting the Quadian Mission of India none had shown the courtesy even to acknowledge any receipt. Why did they not reply? Because, they have been caught red-handed in their own trap. They have succumbed traditionally to the same age-long diseases. This booklet is the exposure of one of their many diseases they are suffering from.


Let us see what their disease is. *



Dated, Dacca,              M.B. RASHID

January, 1980.             General Secretary

The World Peace Convening









* Beside the letter a few more collections from their own books with our comments have been added in the last portion of this book to propound their wrong nation and contradictory propositions.


(Text of the letter)


In the name of the Creature, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


Bangladesh World Peace Convening Association


Head Office :                                    Branch Office  :

Ramnathpur,                                   P.O. Galimpur

73, Nilamber Saha Rd.          Dist. Dacca,

Dacca – 5,

Bangladesh.                           Bangladesh.

Dated, April 1, 1978.


All praises be to Allah and dhurud an salam to

His Rasul.



His Highness

Hazrat mirza Naser Ahmad,

Khalifatul Masih Sales,

Rabwa Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya,

P.O. Rabwa, Dist. Jhang,

West Punjub,



Hazrat Mirza Saheb,


Assalamu Alaikum


All praises be to Allah who has given me a chance to go through a pamphlet containing your valuable Khutba of February 1, 1978, to the Bangladesh Ahmadis on the eve of their Salana Jalsa, as well as some extracts from the lectures of Hazrat Masih Maud (Peace be upon him) and Hazrat Mosleh Maud (May Allah be pleased with him).


But I am sorry, I have observed some inconsistencies between the contents of this pamphlet and those of other books I read earlier.


In this pamphlet you have tried to make one understand, if I am not wrong, that the world has entered into the phase of its last seventh thousand years and that its life will come to an end within the period of this phase of thousand years. Further, Hazrat Masih Maud (Peace be upon him) has appeared at the beginning of the 14th century as well as at the beginning of the phase of the world’s last 7th thousand years. And he is the Mujaddid of the 14th century as well as of the phase of the world’s last 7th thousand years. Therefore, there will be no advent of any more Mujaddid in the world.

  • This is your version. Is it not?


But in the explanation given by Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad, Amir of Bangladesh Anjuman Ahmadiyya, in his book “Islamyee Nabuat” at page 122, to Ayats 35 and 36 of Sura A’raf, Section IV, he has written, “The news of advent not only of one prophet but of many prophets in plural from has been given here and those who will not believe in them (Prophets) have been termed as ‘Kafirs’ and they (the disbeliever) have been given warning of punishment. So it is not pertinent to be impatient at the very news of an advent of an apostle in the name of one Hazrat Mirza Golam Ahmad. Men should get ready to receive many more prophets. So long as men will be going to forget Allah and they will be going astray so long the door for coming of prophets will remain open.”


Here my question : When there will be no advent of any more prophets, apostles, or even Mujaddid, as per your version above, then, whom shall we be waiting for as per explanation given by the Ameer of Bangladesh Ahmadiyya Anjuman ?


In another extract of this pamphlet as quoted from Al-Fazal, April 8, 1947, hazrat Mosleh Maud (May Allah be pleased with him) is stated to have said, “A caliph is greater than a Mujaddid and his duty is to enforce and render effective the Laws of Shariat and to establish religion. So, how does a Mujaddid come when there remains a caliph?


A Mujaddid comes only then when there prevails irregularity in religion.”


Here I may like to point out that in the last pages of your book “Ahmadiyyater Poygam”, a list of Mujaddids has been given. In this list Hazrat Omar-bin-Abdul Aziz has been shown as the Mujaddid of the first century. How? Did he come at the beginning of the first century? When the first century begins with the Hijrat of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him), then, is he not the Imam of this century as well? However, if Hazrat Omar-bin-Abdul Aziz is to be named as Muhaddid, he should be the Mujaddid of the second century. Bet there is a difficulty also, as because he died in the first year of the second century. So according to the theory of advent of a Mujaddid, the clause, “at the beginning of a century” cannot be properly applied in this case. So, if Hazrat Omar-bin-Abdul Aziz is to be recognized as a Mujaddid, of course we recognize him as a Mujaddid, strict adherence to the theory that a Mujaddid must come “at the beginning of a century” should be relaxed. Further, if Hazrat Omar-bin-Abdul Aziz is recognized as the Mujaddid of the second century, the whole list of Mujaddids is to be revised and written afresh. However, this is not the topic of my discussion here. What I mean to say is that in this list except Hazrat omar-bin-Abdul Aziz, none of the Mujaddids were caliphs and there were caliphs other than the Mujaddids.


Here my question; how did these Mujaddids come when there were caliphs in existence?


Further ‘Mujaddid comes only then when there prevails irregularity in religion’. – To this version of the mosleh Maud I may like to point out that the period of three hundred years after Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is recognized by all as the best of ages in the works history. Almighty Allah did not stop sending of His Mujaddids to reform religion during this best period also. Is the present period ‘more best’ than that was prevalent during the above three hundred years? Is Ahmadiyya Khilafat more perfects, more powerful and more effective than that of the above period? Does not irregularity prevail in religion today? Are there not injustice, oppression, suppression, want, hunger, privation, torture, malaadministration, war, unrest, arsons, looting, raping, killings, envy, rancour, rage, greed, liust, luxury, rises of so many sects and by-sects, spread of atheism, cult of senses, worship of graves and saints, superstitions, and many other irreligious and immoral activities in their highest degree prevalent in the workld of today? So to speak, the whole world has plunged into the bottom of moral and spiritual degeneration. Would any one still say that there is no necessity of ‘coming down of any more sustenance from the sky’ to revive the world from its present moribund condition? To my mind second advent of Hazrat masih Maud, may, Hazrat Muhammad (Sm), that is, ‘Qudrat-e-Sani’ is the need of the hour.


But, alas! You have closed the door for advent of any more Mujaddid an the second birth of Masih Maud as well! Then, how he will come in you? If he is to come, it must be outside the ‘so-called’ Ahmadiyya Jamat.


How strange! So long your all attention was diverted to open the door for coming of prophets. Now you are trying to close the door forever for Mujaddid even! But the truth is that as one day Hazrat Masih Maud (peace be upon him) had to make his way through the iron bars of the so-called Ulemas, nobody could restrain him from his appearance, the same way the next Mujaddid will make his way through the bars of yours, nobody will be able to Insha’ Allah-ul-Aziz stand in his way also. For …. ‘it was not guaranteed for men that they would not ever go astray an forget the truth’ (Ahmadiyyatre Poyam, page-34). Your peoples are not angels nor are they descended from heaven; they are but sons and daughters of Adam. Therefore, as long as they will be going astray and forget the truth, so long Allah will not stop sending of His chosen men to lead them to the path of His guidance. This is His Sunnat  and there is no change in His Sunnat You know it very well. But still you dare to change His Sunnat.


I, therefore, have come to the conclusion that your whole contention that there will not advent any more Mujaddid over and above the Ahmadiyya khilafat is based on wrong notion and contradictory propositions.


I, therefore, request your Highness to kindly help me for Allah’s sake amend myself if I am wrong.


Further, it may be mentioned here that in the past I had occasions to write not less than 4 (four) letters to the Ameer of Bangladesh Anjuman Ahmadiyya, but I was not fortunate enough to elicit any reply from him, hence this direct approach to your Highness. And I hope your Highness would be kind enough to favour me with a reply at your earliest convenience.


Furthermore, since long I had a great longing for having myself acquainted with your Highness, but I restrained myself from doing so lest I should cause annoyance to your Highness. I know very well that your Highness is a very busy man and your have a number of great men around you to attend to and your Highness may not have any time to give attention to the sincerity of one ‘Ibn Ummi Moktum’. In that case your Highness must be liable to account for, for neglecting this poor ‘Ibn Ummi Moktum’.


May Allah forgive us all and lead us to the path of His infinite Mercy and Pleasure.


With best regards,

Yours sincerely

Md. Bazlur Rashid

General Secretary,

Bangladesh World Peace Convening


73, Nilamber Saha Road,





( This portion in addition to the letter has been added from their own books with our comments to propound their wrong notion and contradictory propositions. )



In his book entitled “Al-Wasiyat’ Hazrat Mirza Golam Ahmad (Peace be upon him) has written, ‘My appearance is a sign of power descended from the Lord. I am an embodiment of the power of the Lord. After me there will be several persons who will show the second sign of His power. Therefore, you all will pray in assemblies in the hoe of that very sign of His power. All the parties of the righteous should go on praying together in all the countries so that the second sign descends from heaven and it is shown to you that your Lord is the most powerful being. Everyone of you should think that your death is very close to you; you to not know when that moment will appear upon you.


“The pure-hearted pious followers will take oath of allegiance from the peoples after me. * The lord desires that all the pure-hearted honest peoples scattered all over the world, whether they are in Europe or in Asia, turn to ‘tauhid’ and all of His devoted servants are got together under one faith. This is the intention of the Lord, for this purpose only I have been sent to earth. So, you will follow this purpose, but with humility in your behaviors, morality and prayer. Till one stands inspired with the ‘Holy-Spriti’, you all will work together after me.”




* Such persons shall be selected unanimously by the believers. The person, about whom forty believers will give their unanimous verdict in favour of his being fit to take oath of allegiance from the peoples in my behalf, he will take oath of allegiance from the peoples. He should take care of his being an ideal for others. The Lord has informed me, “I shall make one stand for your party from your own sons and descendants, especially, I shall grant him my nearness and messages to him. Under him truth will make headway and a large number of peoples will accept this truth.”


“Therefore, you will be waiting for that time. Remember, one’s worth is known only then when one’s time is up. But before that time, he may appear to be an ordinary man or due to misconception, it may be possible to see him faulty one. As for a man, who would one day be an accomplished saint, had been a sperm-drop or a clotted blood for a definite period before in the mother’s womb.” (Quoted from the Bengali version of Al-Wasiyat by Hazrat Mirza Golam Ahmad (A:), Second Edition, October, 1967, pages 9, 10 & 11)


Keeping in view the notion and propositions of the Khutba of the Ahmadyya Khalifa, as referred to in my original letter, I may like to ask Ahmadiyya followers on the basis of the above extract from ‘Al-Wasiyat’ the following questions :-


Is not the above an extract form ‘Al-Wasiyat’ by Hazrat Mirza Golam hmad (AJ? What did he desire of you in this ‘Wasiyat’? Is it not conspicuously stated here that there would be ‘several persons’ after him and they would be the second sign of His power? Who are these ‘several persons’? Has he not made it obligatory to you to pray in assemblies for advent of these ‘several persons’ from heaven? But, you are now trying to lock-up the door of heaven so that nobody can descend from heaven, is it not? And still, you are claiming that you are following the wishes of your ‘Prophet’ and that you are the true Ahmadis! Further, according to hazrat Mirza Golam Ahmad (A:) these ‘several persons’ would be the second sign of the power of the Lord. Who are these persons you believe to have shown the sign of the power of the Lord after him? Is it Hitler, Mussolini, Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao-Tse-Tung or any other worldly leader? Of course, not. Then who are these ‘several persons? Is it Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad (A:), the second Khalifa of the Ahmadis? Was he directly chosen by or descended from heaven? Was he not selected as Khalifa by the Ahmadiyya followers? Is the person selected and nominated by men equal to the person chosen and selected by the Lord Himself? Beside these, what sign of power did he show? Yes, he did show his power in increasing the number of ‘innocent lambs’ nourished and brought up to sing the songs of a dead lord as taught and tutored by the living lords, is it not? Had they been different form what I have said it would have been possible for them to detect the inconsistencies between the past and the present sayings of their lords! However, the position of Hazrat Mirza Bahir Ahmad (A:) has clearly and unambiguously been predicted by Hazrat Mirza Golam Ahmad (A:) in the extract. Hazrat Mirza Golam Ahmad (A:) has spoken of two sets of peoples in the above extract. One set of peoples about whom he has spoken of their being the second sign of power of the Lord, should be ‘descended from heaven’ and ‘inspired by the Holy-Spirit’ and you have been earnestly advised to pray in assemblies till their descent from heaven. Another set of peoples he has spoken of to be comprised of the pure-hearted virtuous followers to be selected as Khalifa by the Ahmadiyya followers for taking oath of allegiance from the peoples after him just to maintain a system only and nothing more, is it not? Further three hundred thirteen disciples of Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) had been powerful enough to establish the religion of Almighty Allah to the place of the highest authority in the world. But the fate of the millions of the Ahmadis? They have been made out-casts in the very seat of their Khilafat. Is it the second sign of power of the Lord? Why do you keep mum? Why don’t you give reply?


This is not all. Let us see what more anti-songs signs the Amir of the Bangladeshi Ahmadis against the songs of his “Amirul Mu’menin’ in his book ‘Islamayee Nabuat” at pages 122, 123 & 124. While explaining the essence of ‘dharudh’ he says, ‘ The Muslims are very fond of ‘dharudh’ and there is no disunity amongst them in regard to its great virtues. What is this that lies in dharudh? The ‘dharudh’ says, “O Allah, grant, Thou, Thy good unto Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) and his descendants (i.e. the righteous followers) as thou had granted it unto Hazrat Ibrahim(A:) and his descendants. Surely, you are the one that deserves all praises and loftiess. O Allah, grant, Thou lofty position unto Hazrat Muahmmad (Sm.) and his descendants (i.e. the righteous followers) as Thou had granted it unto Hazrat Ibrahim (A:) and his descendants, durely, you are the One that deserves all praises and loftiness.” Readers, is it what good and lofty position that was granted to Hazrat Ibrahim (A:) and his descendants and repetition of which is being beseeched many times everyday in prayers for Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) and his descendants also? Was it not the favour of Prophet hood? We have discussed this earlier a few times more. Many were the apostles and Prophets descended in the family of Hazrat Ibrahim (A:). Accordingly, it is the essence of the promise that was discussed in the above verse following which Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) has taught us to beseech advent of many apostles by saying ‘dharugh’ many times everyday in prayers. Is this teaching to go in vain? Is this demand of the Muslims to prevail only in vain? The teaching of Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) can never go in vain and without any effect. By giving clear indication to beseech the good of prophet hood by saying Sura ‘Fateha’ in the beginning of prayer and by the teaching of directly mentioning and soliciting that very good in abundance by means of saying ‘dharugh’ in the last of prayer, did Allah and His prophet play false (We seek refuge with Allah from the wrong of uttering such a word) with the Muslim? No, it cannot be so. There is no doubt the advent of apostles and according to the saying of ‘dharudh’ it is only Islam wherein lies the good of prophet hood and it will remain so for ever. There is no scope for advent of prophets amongst the Hindus, the Christians, the Buddhists or any other communities. Wherever and whenever any prophet would come after Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.), he would have to come as a follower of Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) just to rejuvenate his ‘shariat’. Nobody would, may, could come to change or abrogate his ‘shariat’. This is the only and the most easy means to identify the apostles to be coming after Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) this is what has been said in the ‘dharudh’. In a word, prophet hood lies only in Islam. The great virtue of ‘dharudh’ lies in its being the carrier of this great teaching”. (Quoted from the Bengali version of ‘Islamayee Nabuat’ by Moulvi Muhammad, Amir, Bangladesh Ahmadiyya Anjuman, pages 122, 123 & 124.)


What do these comments of the Ahmadiyya Amir teach us? Does he not speak of advent of ‘many more’ prophets after Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.)? If prophet hood, apostleship or Muzaddiat has ended with Hazrat Mirza Golam Ahmad (A:), then, who do comprise these ‘many more prophets’ after Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.)? Do you not read this ‘dharudh’ in your prayers still now? Don’t you expect advent of ‘many more apostles’ in reading this ‘dharudh’ in your prayers? If it is your belief that there would be no more prophet, apostle or muzadded, then, why do your read this ‘dharudh’ in your prayers? Is it consistent with your belief and through and words and deets? Why do your keep mum and why don’t you give answers? Are you not caught red-handed in your own trap?



(M.D. Rashid)

General Secretary,

Bangladesh World Peace Convening


73, Nilambaer Saha Road,