In the name of the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficent Creator


Wrong Refuted

“Slumber will now break

The nation will again awake.”


          The talk of the day: Peace is nowhere in the world. But in what way peace may be got back nobody can give any assurance about this. Be it known that as peace and peacelessness are two antagonistic things; their origins also are two opposite things. One is equality and the other is inequality. One is unity and the other is disunity. Therefore, the root of peace is to develop fraternity on the  basis  of unity; and the root of peacelessness is to develop communalism on the basis of disunity. The tree in the name of unity bears fruits of peace. Alternatively, the tree of communalism or disunity bears the fruits of peacelessness. And empty talk can never bring in peace. The tree of peace should be implanted first. It may further be known that founding of unity only in the social and political fields cannot bring in real peace; rather, real peace would prevail if fraternity could be developed by demolishing all religious differences. So, unity and fraternity should be established amongst the followers of all religions, such as Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian etc. Many of  my brethren may raise a question here: would it that the Hindus and the Muslims ever be united? Listen to the answer to the question: First of all we should know, who is it that will give us peace? In the world there is no man who is capable to make provision for his own peace. So to say, on earth there is no such person who may be the owner of his life and death. Therefore, the very person who is the Donor of men’s life is also the Donor of peace of life as well. So, for each and every man, it is necessary to have communication with the Creator individually and make provisions for peace of life by following His commandments. All religious followers believe and admit that the honest and the  chaste persons are the Creator’s beloved ones. It should also be known that the honest and the chaste persons are in possession of these signs viz. (1) Truthfulness, (2) Simple-hearttedness, (3) Innocence and (4) Fondness. Any person whoever possesses these four qualities gets light in his heart and enjoys peace in his mind despite whatsoever language or religion he may be holding. And its opposite i.e. if any person possessing the  vices of (1) lying, (2) crookedness, (3) malice and (4) cruelty – is dishonest and  unvirtuous. Therefore, companionship between the honest or virtuous persons is very natural. Therefore, the virtuous and the chaste persons living in the Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian societies have every possibility of getting themselves united. But there is no chance for getting unity between an honest and a dishonest persons belonging to the same Muslim community and having the same nomenclature. Similarly, there is no chance for getting unity between the honest and the dishonest persons belonging to their own same community such as, Hindu, Christian and so on. For, the innocent and the crooked ones can never be united.


However, the essence of this topic is! the Donor of peace of mankind is the same one – who is also the Donor of life. It is that Being Who has given the  element of peace, that is unity. So, unity should be formed within ourselves. But first of all we shall have to possess good  character. And no body can possess good character by indulging only in empty talk or advice unless he gets himself in touch with a noble man, follows his ideals and advice. And nobody can ever be a noble man by his own prowess. The very person whom the Great Lord by His Mercy takes him as His own becomes a noble man. What are the characteristics of virtuous person? Look,  brick is made of earth; but a building can never be built in with unburned bricks. Similarly, man is at first just like an unburned brick. When a person follows the ideals of a nobleman, then he becomes a pious man like a burnt brick. Only one brick itself is not an useful thing until a good number of bricks are arrayed and cemented together into the shape of a building. Likewise, existence of a few honest persons in a community cannot bring in peace; rather, all the virtuous and the honest persons of the world should be united together. And one God only is the Lord of all the virtuous and honest persons. He alone is the Donor of life and its code as well.


Now, many of my brethren have probably come to understand that there is possibility of getting union or companionship of all the people.  Why then unity has not yet been formed? The reason of this is that for establishment of peace it is necessary to get union of the people by centering a person only. But who will be in the centre? With whom should we get union? Should the Hindus be united with the Muslims? Or, the Muslims be united with the Hindus? If it is said that unity can be established by getting union around the religion which is true; in that case also unity will not be possible. For, there are people in every religion to prove veracity of their own religion. It will not decrease communalism, rather, it will increase. If it is said that the religion should be kept aside or secular – in that case also peace will not be possible; for in every religious sects, social system has already been developed with the honest and the dishonest and with the pious and the impious persons. Now, who has the authority to distinguish the righteous from the unrighteous? In this critical moment, the real friend of our adversity has taken a very good gesture. And it is a very true fact that the person whom He nominates would be the beloved one. And there lies good of us in our allegiance to the beloved person of the Creator. It is  when we shall follow this procedure, only then peace will come back to earth and not before this. And in this way only the Creator has distinguished truth from untruth. Those who voluntarily response to the call of truth and get united they are the persons who are sincere and pious persons. And those who disbelieve him and keep themselves aloof from him they are the crooked ones – they are proved to be dishonest and impious. So, there is nothing difficult to find out the dishonest and the impious persons living in the society. Over and above, when the nobleman establishes social system taking together with him the believers, peace and orderliness then descend on earth. I hope, through this discussion misunderstandings prevailing over all classes of my brethren will come to an end and it will pave the way for all the virtuous persons to get themselves united.