In the name of the Most Merciful Creator

The great problem and its easy solution

            Each and every person whatsoever country he may belong to and whatsoever language he may speak, peace and happiness is the longing of his life and unity as the root of peace and happiness is his belief. When this unity is broken in all spheres – family, society, politics, religion- and dissension becomes all – pervading, degradation of mankind is then natural. When a kind-hearted learned man can realize this truth, he is imbibed with the selfless end to do good to the people and to reform and unite them. But religion is found to be the great impediment in the way of unity. For, unity can not be formed by deliverying speeches only. Unity can be formed by transforming all sorts of opinions into one opinion. But nobody is ready to establsih one religion with the exception of his own. The learned man can also realize that the people speaking in one language possess a unique quality which is not found in the people speaking in other languages; likewise, people habitating in a country possess such a quality which is not found in the people habitating in other countries; similarly, one man possesses a special quality which is not found in other men. If all the qualities of all the people could be gathered together and put into activities; then a tremendous good would have been possible for the mankind. For this, it is said that unity is the root of peace. The learned man can also realize that the Hindus, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Christians- all belong to the one mankind and all follow the same law in respect of birth, livelihood and death. But if I like to have companion with a Hindu brother, my community does not allow me to do so. Likewise, if a Hindu likes to mix with a Christian brother to undertake marriage and other rites, the Hindu community also does not permit him to do so. So in all considerations, it is found that the religion is the main impediment to unity. The matter that keeps men aloof from getting the desideratum of mankind i.e. peace the root of which lies in unity cannot be a thing to be followed, but to be avoided. Therefore, for unification of mankind, the learned philosophers sages sagacious scientists are very much prone to develop a new social system completely devoid of religion. Hence, the friend of men who came down to do good to the people considered religion as the root cause of degradation/degenaration of mankind for creating dissensions among the people. So, he endeavoured to save and reconstruct them by developing a new social system completely devoid of religion. As a result, the religion which was a problem on the path of unity, the new social system has created a new more difficult problem than before. So, he does not at all believe in any religion of the world. And the very unexperienced fanatic homilists are responsible for advent of this new doctrine. For instead of giving any suitable reasonable answer to any question, they only say, “our forefathers or elderly people have told us so and so.”


However, the present age is full of difficult problems. For nobody is ready to accept views of other persons. There is no such sufficiently powerful state which can settle religious differences. For those who are addicted to religious fanaticism (religiously mad), they would rather die than to following any decree of any authority other than their own. For this reason only, one class of people finding no other means, are trying to unite the people by developing a new social system on the basis of secularism i.e. keeping the characteristics of all the religions in tact. But my special request to the learned thinkers to pay impartial consideration to it. Suppose, on the crossing point of four rivers if four boats which are bound to go to four different directions, are given order to proceed in a fleet, would it be possible for them to proceed in a fleet? As it is impossible for the above four boats to proceed in a fleet, similarly it is impossible to establish unity among the followers of four religions keeping in tact their religious characteristics. Now, it has been seen that whatever way we go, there is no possibility of getting united. On the other hand, there is no other way to establish peace of mankind besides this unity. So, it is surely a great problem.


Now, let us see whether it has any solution: There are two ways for its solution. One, to establish a new social system devoid of all religions uprooting them all from the soil of the earth. Secondly, to arrange a meeting of the representatives of all the religions for determination of the right religion from the wrong religions and after ditermining the right one, if all accept it, then it will be possible for establishment of unity. The first way is completely closed; for religion is the code of life for men given by the Creator. Therefore, so long men will be living on earth, till then He will keep this code of life i.e. the religion extant here. Nobody has any power to uproot this. As one can observe, He has created the sun as if the life of the earth. So long life will exist on this earth, till then the sun will exist there. The creation has not any power to remove the sun. Therefore, the second way only is open i.e. the endeavour for deternination of religion is the possible way for solution of the problem.


Now question may arise: who is the person to give decision about religion? The answer to this question is: The personality that possesses the four attributes has the authority to give decision about religion and none else. First attribute: the personality who has influence over all men. The second attribute: who has equal mercy over all men. The third attribute: who has knowledge over all the learned. And the fourth: who is aware of the past, present and future of the matter to be judged. The possessor of these four attributes is only one, and He is the Creator of the creation. He is the First and He is the Last. He is Omnipresent with all His Attributes. He is Desiderative. He will do what He wills. The whole creation will not be able to prohibit Him from doing what He wills. And the whole creation will not be able to make Him do what He does not will. The present age is the age of an acute problem of human life. For rendering an easy solution of the problem He has taken preparation for establishment of peace in the world by bringing out unity among the people. And as it is natural that He does not do anything without the medium, He has appointed that medium for this age also. What good could be achieved for mankind through and by the “Divine Decision” has been expressed in a nut shell in the essays named “A Dialogue between two friends” and the procedure to be followed for implementation of “the Divine Decision” can be seen in the essay named “The News of Peace in the Peaceless World”.


Now, I am telling the tale of sorrows of my heart to all my brethren. I believe that  men those who are living on the earth, whatever language they may speak, whatever country or opinion they may belong to, all are my brethren, because, they all are men. We all are born of the same parents and we all are created beings of the one same Creator. The Creator has created us by the same kind of semen. He kept us all in the mother’s womb in the same way. He has brought us all on earth in the same way. In the same way he leads us all from childhood to youth, from youth to agedness and in the same way He brings on death of us all. The one sun of the Creator shines on us all, the same air keeps us alive. Fire, water and earth reach good to us all equally. The Creator is distributing knowledge, the greatest wealth of man, among them all. Every wise man by His mercy realizes it well that there is no other alternative for attainment of peace of life and development in the world without unity. But it is a matter of sorrow that yet we cannot call each other as brother and we cannot be united. Therefore, the Creator out of His infinite mercy, says to us, “You are all brothers one another, live your lives in accompaniment with one another unitedly, if you ever like to live a peaceful life. But, O man! behind you there is the Devil -your arch-enemy. He cannot tolerate your peace”. He leads us astray by uprooting the very root of unity, as like as the path-blinder or the astrayer sometimes leads a wayfarer to opposite direction from true direction. Likewise, the devil tries to break through unity of men and lead them astray while they endeavour to get united in any matter. At the very instigation of the devil they beget disunity instead of unity. They can realize it very well that unity can be formed only by following one person only keeping him at the centre. Without following this procedure there is no way to form unity. Now the question: Who is the person to be kept in the centre? Who will judge his worthiness?  Through the cavity of this question, the devil gets himself in. That is, the person who claims his own worthiness that will expose his proudness. On the other hand, if the common people are given the chance to choose the person by election, there will have chances for competition. As a result, position remains the same, i.e. in the very system of election there is every chance for election of a fit person as well as an unfit person also. In this very path of uncertainty the  devil gets himself in. For, at the instigation of the devil, the common people consider an unfit person as the fit person; as a result the devil becomes triumphant and disquietude of man’s life instead of peace increases. On the other hand, even if a fit person is centred, the devil enrages the competitors against him in such a way that the earth bursts into a blaze by the fire of hatred. They never have any confidence in the person so centred, rather they keep the fire of rebellion always burning. Therefore, the Wise Omnipotent Creator opens for men such a way in which there is no chance for entrance of the Devil. That is, at this age of crucial problem He appoints from  amongst the living men one  person as His  Medium or Vicegerent. And then He bestows on him knowledge from Himself. Then He makes him believe in Him perfectly by showing him some signs; then He makes him aware of His wishes and plans and gives him commandments and authority to bring in unity of all people of the world. Hence, the person so nominated cannot claim of his own worthiness, nor can he be proud of his qualities. There is no scope for judging his capabilities or can there be no chance for any people to contribute for his election, so there is no scope for any competition. And he has no chance for any agony as to the people’s going in his favour or against him, for he does not nourish any selfish end. He gives his identification as a servant of the Creator. The wiseman can realize well that there is no difference between the orders of the proprietor and the person vested with the power of the proprietor himself; there is no difference between the orders of the king and that of his representative; but for this, the manager vested with the power of the proprietor does not become the proprietor himself, nor the vicegerent becomes the king himself. Similarly, the orders of the Creator and that of the person so vested with the power of the Creator cannot be different but for this the servant can never be the same as the Creator.


Now, my earnest appeal to all Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian brethren, if any of you have the information of a way which is considered to be the best and the easiest one, please call me to that as one of your brother; alternatively, I am calling you to mine as my brother. Now, you call me to yours or listen to mine either. If you keep mum, you will not be able to establish unity which is the root of peace and prosperity of life in the world. Seecondly, after death when every one of us will appear before our Creator and the Owner, then I shall tell to my Owner that my brothers did not believe me. Now, if anybody raises any question, “Is it true that the Creator speaks to man or gives order and advice?” To this question my answer is: From very early period, the Holy names of the Creator, His orders and proscriptions, that is His religion, which you are believing, are all these real, allegorical or baseless hearsay as it is said, “a mare’s nest” which is a name only without having anything as its base? If in the old ages had it been possible for Him to have solved problems like these by His own initiative, then why shall the people of this age be kept deprived from that Mercy of the Creator? Because, His very existence and Attributes are unchangeable.


However, even after hearing of all these reasonable arguments, if somebody disbelieve it, then, “the disbelievers will not have any good in their fate”-this proverb would prevail over us all. Nobody can have any faith in the Creator unless one does not have any faith in a man, and without having any faith in a man one cannot prosper in this world also. Such as, no new thing could be invented in the world unless there was no faith in the inventor and mankind also could not be a prosperous nation. Everything in the world -give and take, pay and service is accomplished having faith in one another. After one month the master will pay salary of his servant, having faith on this a servant gives services to his master. Although this master may have the habit of telling a lie, his character also may be bad or he may be of little learning, yet he may be believed in. But the man who is truthful, bears good character and wise; moreover, he has firm belief in the Creator, he calls out men towards good at the commandments of the Creator Himself, but he could not be believed in! Who will disbelieve him? Is not it the wretched, the very disgraced person who will disbelieve him? Men can be seen, but their fate cannot be seen; hence, the person who is fortunate and who is unfortunate cannot be understood. For this reason, in this critical age, somebody have belief in the call of the Creator’s servant manifesting His code of laws and somebody do not believe him. Those who believe are considered as fortunates and those who disbelieve are considered as unfortunates. Then the people of the world are divided into two classes. Then there remains no problem of manifold differences of religions, but two classes only – Believers and Disbelievers. The believers are considered to be the hosts of the Creator and the disbelieves are considered to be the hosts of the Devil. Therefore, confrontations between these hosts are very natural. At the time of struggle it is imperative to have obedience to and firm belief in the leadership and to have patience at the time of adversity. Hence, the person who calls on behalf of the Creator, he is figuratively the leader in place of the Creator. Therefore, it is very important to abide by His orders and proscriptions at the very cost of life, wealth and prestige and to have firm belief in and obedience to him. It is just a mystical test of the Creator, but behind the believers there comes the Creator’s help with all speed like wind, and with His help the believers come out triumphant. On the other hand, the leader of the disbelievers, figuratively is the devil himself and he plays his part althrough. Hence, the disbelievers are the enemy hosts  of the Creator and the Creator punishes and destroys His enemy group putting them in different heinous position. And He makes the believers victorious on earth and establishes them as a new nation.


Therefore, I now appeal to my brethren, you should believe in the caller of the age, and the Being Who is the Owner and the Creator. Be a member of His  host – this is the security and the opposite is danger. I am telling this to you after being aware of it from the Owner in Whose Hand my life exists. So long He will protect me, nobody in the creation can do any harm to me. And if He puts me to any trouble,  there is none to do any good to me. Therefore, I am in belief of the same one Creator and beseech His help always. I beseech His help for the believers also. O Mighty Lord, Thou grant my prayer.