In the Name of the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficent Creator


The Inevitable Deluge and its Ark-I



(All praises be to Almighty Allah and peace be upon all the revealed messengers chosen and nominated as blessings for guide of all mankind, especially my spiritual guide, namely, Hazrat Baba Muhammad Barkatullah Khan in whose direct inspiration writing of this article has been made possible. May our Almighty Allah grant him long life and exalt him to the highest rank. Amin!)


The grim pictures which our mother world has begun to present to us have almost turned us hysteric patients already. Still our great thinkers are speaking of more grim picture which we are yet to face in the near future. But our poor readers! what do you feel? What you feel I don’t know. But what I feel is that we, the people of the whole world, are sitting on the peak of a dormant volcano awaiting our inevitable destruction. Almost all of us might have heard of the Deluge of the time of Noah. Another Deluge is waiting for us. It may or may not be of the similar kind, but its consequences must be of the similar degree. The volcano, it is certain, will erupt, because, this is the plan of our Creator. * (* Some of our readers may think it dogmatic. But it is not actually dogmatic. I have shown this in the second part of this article as a necessary consequence of the present-day affairs of the world). Is there any way to avert it? No. We have no power to plot against the plan of our Creator. But what we can do is that we may try to save ourselves. How? By embarking on the Ark. Where shall we find that Ark? You will find it everywhere, if you believe. The Ark of the modern age is the Scientific Unity. Please do not equal this with scientific socialism.

Some may take it very lightly, some may think it disappointing and some may take it as an old moral talk. But I perceive, this is the most difficult task for human beings to accomplish. And this is hardly possible on the part of the educated, the learned, the intellectuals, and the men of money, rank or repute; in a word, those who are fortunate enough to consider themselves ‘something’.


Please let me explain it. Suppose, you, different peoples of different communities, have collected in a place or in a conference table with a common purpose and you may call yourselves united. But how much united you are can be shown if I give an example. We all know about the dispute existing between the Hindus and the Muslims over the issue of cow. To one, meat of cow is  delicious food and to the other, the cow is an object of worship. Therefore, a Muslim, who considers himself to be a real Muslim, must hate his Hindu brothers, if not it is possible to hate him  outwardly, he must hate him at least in heart. Similar examples of hatred existing between the Muslims and the Christians, between the Christians and the Jews, between the Hindus and the Buddhists, can easily be given.


When hatred exists in our hearts against one another, then, how can we be really united? If some still consider a gathering of people as an unity that would be a white-lie like rubbing of skin ointment over a cancer. If you still say that you have collected in a place or in a conference table at least for a common cause, so, unity of purpose is extant here. I shall say that you are united here for a selfish cause. Let me explain it by an example: Once in a hotel-room, a young man and a young beautiful call-girl spent the whole night in a bed. They were very much friendly in the darkness of night. In a moment of their love the girl said to the man, “I love you, I am very much satisfied with you.” And she waited to see the reaction of the man. Instantly, the man retorted, “I am also satisfied with you. I also love you.” Then the girl said, “I like to love you and satisfy you all my life as a devoted wife. Please make me your wife.” I think, you may well imagine the reaction of the man at the proposal of the girl. Would he take her into marriage? No. Why not? Because, he feels his prestige in his society or his religious community would be hampered. He was satisfied with a call-girl in the darkness of night, but he was dissatisfied with the same girl in the day light. Why? Because, he was selfish. He was a prey to evil force. When he spends his night with a whore, he feels, that does not hamper the interest of his society or religion. But when he is requested to help a girl coming out from the depth of sin, he feels interest of his society or religion is hampered. Does it hamper anybody? Let us see who it is or which it is hampered. There are also instances of taking of the fallen girls to wife. What is the rule of society upon them? If they are men of rank or money, the society or religion is silent about them; rather, it praises them, because it feels, they have performed a noble job! But if they are men of low rank, they are made outcast. Then, what is the present-day law of society or religion or an individual? It is all selfishness. Please excuse me. I do not mean to say, we all collect in a place having a selfish motive behind. Rather, I pray, may our Lord grant all of us sincerity and honesty  in our purpose. Further, I do not mean to express my dissatisfaction or hatred against any society, religion or any individual. But I like to explain the real cause of our disease so that it can be properly cured.


Here I like to give another example: Two business magnates of two separate communities had their dinner on a same table of a club. They enjoyed the whole night together drinking, dancing and mixing with the fair sex. They expressed their ins and outs of their business tactics, shared their joys and sorrows each other cordially. They were friendly in wordly affairs, no doubt. But when one of them said, “My friend! let us be real brothers each other. Let us tear off the cover of our religious differences and be united in one faith.” Would the other friend accede to the proposal of his friend? No. Why? Apparently he fears his society, his community and the company of his near relatives. Everywhere the rule of society or religion is found to be violated. The protectors of religion and society themselves are violating their religious or social laws. Is there still any reason to believe that he still fears his religious or social laws? Actually, what he fears is his self-interest. Interest of what? I have mentioned above that a man considers himself ‘something’. It is the interest of that ‘something’. As a Muslim, I consider myself ‘something’ superior to a Christian or a Hindu or a Jew. A Christian also considers himself ‘something’ superior to a Jew. A Buddhist considers himself ‘something’ superior to a Hindu. And so is the case with other followers also. Every religious community has also been divided and sub-divided into so many sects and by-sects. Every sect or by-sect considers itself ‘something’ superior to other sects. Even in the same sect one feels ‘something’ superior to others because of one’s education, wealth, prestige or rank. Even in the communities of labourers, whores, beggars, this ‘something’ is reigning supreme. If everyone of us feels his superiority over others, then, how can we be able to think ourselves equals to others and firmly united? Our readers! Are you above this complex?  Don’t you feel yourselves as ‘something’ because of your education etc.? If we are not able to sacrifice this ‘something’ whatsoever noble we may be, we are sure to fail to honour our sacred pledges at the time of conflict. There were in the past so many no-war pacts, non-aggression pacts, friendship pacts etc. but everywhere they were found to have been violated. It is because when we find our interest – religious, social, political or national – whatsoever it may be, is hampered, we fail to keep our words and honour our sacred pledges. Here I like to give an example of scientific unity. Suppose, a large number of iron rings are gathered to-gether in a place. This will be one kind of unity. But what good can be done by this collection of the iron rings in one place? No good. But if the iron rings are interlinked with one another, these will turn out as a strong shackle. This shackle may come to many uses. We can bind a wild elephant or a large ship with this shackle, but its one end must be bound first with a large tree or a strong pivot; otherwise, the shackle itself will be carried off by the wild elephant or by the ship. Therefore, if we want to have scientific unity we must have to be inter-linked with one another like the iron rings. When we shall have unity of such manner, then we shall be able to move a mountain. How this sort of unity can be achieved? This requires our sacrifice of our ‘something’ i.e. our selfness. We shall have to sacrifice our individual purpose and we all have to be one in purpose and one in faith.


Is unity of purpose of all the people possible? We crores of people are living in different parts of the world.  Question may, therefore, naturally arise as to how there can be one purpose for all the people. Let me explain it. My explanation will also prove that the whole universe is but the creation of one Creator alone and He is one and not more. When He created men He had a great design. What was this? His design was that men should lead their lives in such an orderly manner that they would live in a peaceful atmosphere on earth as well as get salvation after death. With this endin view He has given us the code of life i.e. the religion, just like an engine manufacturer gives a guide book for proper use and smooth running of an engine. Therefore, our objective of life is to live in peace in this world as well as to get salvation in the life after death. Is there any of my human brothers who will not agree with me? My Buddhist brothers: have you got your ‘Nirvana’ here and my Hindu brothers: have you got in it the  proper term of your theory of revivalism? Whatever form we may take after death, we all want salvation. Will any of our readers object to this that this is not our purpose? I think, none of us will object to this. Therefore, we all have now become one in respect of our purpose at least. That is, we should conduct our everyday life in such a manner that we get peace in this world as well as salvation in the hereafter. We should remember the point here that our objective is not to have peace in this world only rejecting our relationship with the next world nor is our objective to have salvation in the next world only renouncing our relationship with the present world. But we want both peace and salvation. It is now admitted that all human beings are one in purpose.


But the question is that for every religion there is a separate code of life. If we follow our own separate code of life, there will naturally arise conflict in our every-day affairs, although we all have one purpose in view. Then, what should be the code of our life? What one should we follow? I shall discuss this point along with the next point.


The next point is that we should be one in faith. In the present-day world, there are so many religions – each of which is having large number of followers. Then let us see how far it is possible to be one in faith also.


Our readers! I again beg your pardon here for you may find me criticising religions in such a manner that it may hurt you a little bit. Because, a doctor cannot but hurt his patient to cure him permanently, and the doctor’s offence is always excused unasked. Although I do not pretend to be a doctor of religion and my intention is not to hurt anybody, still if some of my brothers get offended, I think, my offences also will be excused. Of course, my operation will be the overhauling of some world religions but as far as practicable, it will be mild in nature.


Here I shall discuss what true religion is. I have already mentioned above that religion is the code of life given to men by our Creator so that we can mould our lives in such a way that we can live a peaceful life on earth as well as get salvation in the hereafter. In my humble way I shall here try to explain religion by way of an example so that it can easily catch our imagination, penetrate into our hearts, charm our body and soul altogether and ultimately lead us to burst out, “This is religion! This is truth!”


We have heard of so many love-episodes. In Persian language there are the episodes of Laili-Maznu, Shiri-Farhad, Yusuf-Zulaikha etc. However, our readers! Had any of you ever fallen in deep love in your youth? If any of us has an experience of such love-affairs, it would be easier to him to realize what I mean to say. And the men who have lost their vigour, energy, who are now week, feeble, imbecile, impotent and who are suffering from old-age diseases, whatsoever stimulant is given to them, they will not get any incentive; no beauty of a virgin girl will excite their love. So, I want my younger brothers, our younger generation upon whom the future of the world civilization depends, howsoever degenerated they may be, come, hear and see what their Loving Creator wishes to tell them and what their Beautiful Creator wishes to show them.


Suppose, a young man has got a love-letter from his young beautiful beloved after long expectation. Can we ever know the bounds of his joy? What will he do with this love-letter? He  will kiss it enormously, as if the letter itself is his beloved. He will touch this letter with his forehead. He will touch this with his eyes, cheeks and press it with his breast. He will read the letter word by word slowly and minutely over and again, think over it deeply, try to find out how many meanings it may have. So long he will be reading the letter, all images of his beloved will turn out as reals. In various moments vivid beauty of the girl will reflect into his mind. Sometimes he will see the beauty of her black eyes, sometimes the beauty of her rainbow-like eye-brow, sometimes the beauty of her pearl-like white teeth, sometimes the beauty of her long black hair. In the midst of his thinking, sometimes he will be found to exclaim himself. “How black and big your eyes! How soft your red cheek! How charming your buddy lip! How nice your breast! How sweet your smile! I love you, my darling! I love you! How nice, how beautiful, how lovely you are! My love! You are my heart! You are my soul! How pleasing, how soothing to think of you! My love, my darling! In this way he will come to such a point that his heart will find no expression. He will forget his self. He will forget his meals, he will forget his bath, he will forget his dress, he will forget requirements of his body. But he will be enlivened to recollect the beauty of his love, to praise incessantly the beauty of his love, to talk unceasingly about the beauty of his love. Sometimes he will rush to his close friends and tell them the beauty of his love. In a word, when he sees, sees the beauty of his love; when he speaks, speaks of the beauty of his love, when he hears, hears the melodious song of his love, when he moves, moves in the path of his love, when he breathes, breathes the name of his love; when he sleeps, dreams the beauty of his love; when he works, works at the command of his love; that is, his everything is everything of his love.


Similarly, the man whom our Lord has very kindly shown His beauty as well as given the commandment to call men to their Lord, cannot sit idle. He cannot be inert. He feels responsibility of the whole mankind lies on his shoulders. He forgets his own self. He speaks of his Lord whomsoever he meets, preaches the messages of his Lord whenever and wherever he gets chances. He feels, had there been any means in his hands he would have moved heaven and earth to meet the people of the whole world to extol the beauty of his Lord to them. Still he would not have known rest. He will be doing so till he breathes his last. His condition is similar to that of the young man I have mentioned above. That is, the condition of the man, whom the Creator has given His truth, is that when he sees, sees the beauty of his Lord; when  he speaks, speaks of the beauty of his Lord;  when he hears, hears the melodious call of his Lord; when he moves, moves in the path of his Lord; when he breathes, breathes the name of his Lord; when he sleeps, dreams the beauty of his Lord; when he works, works at the commandment of his Lord; that is, his everything becomes everything of his Lord. It is that man through whom the Creator establishes peace and order on earth. The law and order which he receives from his Lord for leading the people of his age is the code of life, this is what is called religion. But the most tragedy is that he is not easily believed by the people of his age; rather, they stand in his way and take recourse to inhuman torture, oppression and persecution. But in course of time when truth reveals vehemently by the Grace of his Lord, people come to their senses and they submit to him and accept the truth and ultimately reign of truth prevails all over the world.


O my Hindu brothers! the founder of Aryan civilisation! Where are such persons of your religion? Where are your religious preachers? Are they calling man to speak of the beauty of their Brahma? No. You do not get light in the Vedas which you consider full of messages of your Brahma. You do not consider the light of your Vedas sufficient enough to enlighten the people of the whole world. That is why you do not come with your light to enlighten other followers whom you consider untouchables. You do not come to a Muslim community or a Christian community to tell them about the beauty of your Brahma. Because, you have not seen the beauty of your Brahma. Hence, you have nothing to tell them about your Brahma. That is why you do not come to others. In fact, you have lost your insight, your spirit, your vigour, your morale, your religious zeal. You are now suffering from complete inertia. Do you ever think over the matter that Brahma Who once sent messages five thousand years ago why is not He sending messages or talking to man now? Is Brahma actually inert like you? You have made Brahma completely deaf, dumb and blind and also inert. So my Hindu brother! Brahma whom you  have killed by your won belief cannot give you light any more. You have now the option to prove that your Brahma is alive and He hears your prayer and you have assurance from Him that He will help you when you are in distress. If any of you claim that your Brahma has talked to you and given you a plan to deliver us from the present mischievous condition of the world then you will find, I shall be the first person to owe my allegiance to you.


Then my Buddhist brothers! In my mind you are the most sceptic persons in the world. You are silent about the Creator. Why? Because, you are in doubt. You do not assert that there is a Creator, for you fear that He may not be in existence; and  you do not deny the existence of the Creator if in case He is in existence. You do not know what you were in the past and what you will be in the future. You also do not know what you are at present. You are also in doubt whether you are a man or an animal in a human body. You are leading your life completely basing your ideas on doubtful vague notions. If I am wrong in saying the above, then tell me how you are a man. Creator and religion are two related terms. If there is no Creator, there is no religion. You have no Creator, therefore, you have no religion. Then, what you have is something other than religion. Again, where there is a Creator there must be created beings. Then, tell me what you are and where you have come from. Again, for want of which your body becomes dead body? Will you say it a life? Then, tell me what is life and which one is you? Is your body you or your life you? If your body is you, then, tell me why you die. On the other hand, if your life is you, then tell me why do you leave your body and where will you go? If you say that you do not die at your own will, then tell me at whose will you die? If you say that you do not know, then admit that you are ignorant and you should not talk about religion. You are yet to learn about religion. And if you say that you do not know at whose will you die and also nobody knows at whose will you die, then you are double ignorant. You should now be whipped, because, you have now interfered with others’ affairs and thus violated the principle of Ahimsa. And further, if you say that it is your personal experience that death is natural, so you die. Then my question is when you know that death is natural, then why did you take birth? If you say that your birth also is natural, then I shall say, “Is your life dependent on nature, i.e. do you mean to say that nature is your Creator?” If you say, “No,” then tell me what is that power which makes you to obey nature to take your birth? If you say “Yes”, that is, nature is your Creator, then, tell me why you are silent about your Creator and why you do not admit nature as your Creator. Therefore, whatever way you may go being silent about your Creator, you must admit your ignorance. An ignorant person cannot claim to have any light. If you still claim to have any light, then why don’t you come to others to enlighten them?


My Israelite brothers! You are the inheritors of so many prophets and revealed books. From Zakov down to John the Baptist, how many prophets have you received? After departure of John the Baptist what is it that your Lord has planned? Why did your Lord send so many prophets amongst you and why did He stop just with John the Baptist? Do not we require any man of our Lord to deliver us from the disquieting condition of the present world? We see, you are puffed up with your wealth and power. You do not see how three-fourths of the world people are groaning on the verge of ruin. You are seeing your Lord is very much favourable to you in granting you much wealth and power. So, you do not care for others. But do you ever realize whose protégés are you? Are not you the protégés of the followers of a ‘bastard’? Is not it your ungratitudeness to call the apostle of your masters and protectors as ‘bastard’? If you say that it is not you who call him so but your forefathers called him so, then, what do you consider him now? Was he an apostle? If you say ‘Yes’, then, why do not you take the religion of Jesus Christ? If you say that he was something other than an apostle, then my question is, Jesus Christ himself claimed that he was a man of our Lord, then who are you to say otherwise? Again, when you consider yourselves as the enlightened people, then, why do not you  give your light to others? Actually, you have no light. Had there been any light, you must have come to enlighten others. You are doubtful about the truthfulness of your own religion, that is why you do not come to others.


Then my Christian brothers! Your cause also is similar to that of the Israelite to some extent. You believe your God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. But you have just made Him inert as if He has no more power to send any other apostle after Jesus Christ. When there was a chain ofprophets before Jesus Christ, then, why this inertia on the part of your Lord after Jesus Christ? If He has power, then, tell me why is He not sending any apostle for this long two thousand years? You may say that your God has power to send apostle any time He pleases and why He is not sending any more apostle during this long two thousand years is beyond your knowledge. Then, did you ever ask Him about His plan? What was His answer? Actually, you did not feel the necessity of asking Him any question. Why this inertia on your part? When crores of people are on the verge of ruin, then, why do not you pray His mercy to deliver us?  If you say that you are praying day and night asking for His mercy. Then, tell me, what is His reply? Surely you did not get His reply. Why? Because, you have no relationship with Him. Those who have no relationship with their Lord, they are far from seeing the beauty of their Lord. They are not charmed by the beauty of their Lord. Therefore, you have nothing to say about the beauty of your Lord. If you say anything that will be nothing but narration of some miracles of a dead man. You may say about activities of your world-wide missionaries. What are they doing? They are taking advantages of the disadvantageous conditions of the poor people. We have talked to some fathers of your missionaries in Bangladesh. They have expressed their inability to give their independent opinion on the plea that they are none but the salaried servants of their society. Then, what more can we expect from a salaried servant, who believes that the burden of his family is dependent on the good wishes of his society?


I now turn to my fellow brethren in Islam. You may feel something elated to have seen that I have proved inertia on the part of the four world religions and you are expecting that yours’ one will now be propounded for acceptance as the only one true religion. But I am sorry. I have said all these words to equip myself to lead the decisive attack on you. My target is you. You are the followers of the most successful personality of the world, but you are now the most unsuccessful persons in the world. You were the masters of the two-thirds portion of the Eastern world, you have now lost your mastership over your own family. Why? The same belief of inertia on the part of your Allah you are nourishing alike the Hindus, the Christians, the Jews. You believe, with the revelation of the Holy Quran, all activities of Allah have been accomplished. Now He has nothing to will more, He has nothing to hear more, He has nothing to see more, He has nothing to do more and He has nothing to speak more. You seem to believe, with the Holy Quran, Allah has switched on the key of the whole creation, the creation will now move automatically till the day of Resurrection. Then, is Allah sleeping now? If not, what is He doing now? I know you cannot say anything definite. But I know what Allah is doing at present. He is writing ‘Kufri-Futwa’ (i.e. religious sanction to call one infidel ) and sending those to our great ‘Ulemas’ with the direction to use these ‘atom bombs’ against their fellow brethren, as if to save the non-muslims from cammitting great sin by killing the devoted followers of the Last Prophet! Is not it? If not, then wherefrom you have got the authority to issue ‘Kufri-Futwa’ against another Muslim who say the same ‘Kalima’ as you say and prays in the same mosque as you pray? If Allah has not told you so, then, how do you dare to issue these ‘Kufri-Futwa’ against your brothers? There are two broad divisions of the Muslims – the Sunni sect and the Shiah sect. According to the Sunni, the Shiahs are infidels and according to the Shiahs, the Sunnis are infidels. Who will decide who are the true infidels and who are the true Muslims? You now require one arbitrator. None of your sects can be the arbitrator because you both are entangled here. Again, none of you will agree to appoint the arbitrator from outside the Muslim community. Some of you may say that the Holy Quran and the Traditions may decide your issue. If you say so, then, you are the most impracticable men in the world. Have you ever seen any law book to have any power to declare any award? Then how do you expect that the Holy Quran will decide your case? To declare the award there must be a third person. Who will be  that third person? If any outsider realizes your precarious condition he cannot but feel pity for you. You both claim to be the truly faithful followers of the greatest of the prophets and very devoted servants of your Merciful Creator. Then, why do not you dare to come to your Allah to decide your issue? Before you put this case unto Allah for His decision, you desire Allah should say, “How will He do it?” as if, you know what Allah does not know or you know what a difficult work it is for Allah to accomplish which Allah does not know better then you. May Allah for-give us! What a serious wrong notion you are holding about Allah! However, when you are separated from one another and unable to settle your own affairs, then what light will you show to others? That is, when you do not see the beauty of Allah, then, how can you love Him and His creation? Therefore, in the name of religion you are spreading hatred amongst the members of your own sect. This is why you have no unity within your own co-religionists. As a consequence, you have lost your strength, vigour and zeal. You are, therefore, completely inert.


Further, I like to say a few words about my Ahmadi brothers. I would like to reserve my opinion about you till I receive replies of my letters. I wrote four letters to one of your cenrtres in Bangladesh in the month of April, 1974, and I sent one set of copies of those letters to Quadian in India, one to Ahmedia Muslim Mission in Washington and another set to Ahmadia Muslim Mission in London in the month of August 1974. Till date I have not received any response from any of them except one in the sort of acknowledgement from Quadian. What does this prove? Is not it inertia on your part also?


Contemplation on the past glory cannot make us magnificent. Past is past. Now we  should think over the present. This is progressive. I do not understand one thing. When the world moves forward from ancient age to medieval age and from medieval age to modern age; but in respect of our belief, we move backwards from modern age to medieval age and from medieval age to ancient age. This is why the conflict between age and religion. When a religion cannot keep pace to meet the need of the time, that is not a religion. Men of religion should then expect advent of new light from heaven. For they follow a religion founder of which came, say, two thousand years ago. He preached a religion which was most suitable for the people of his own age. If we now try to solve problems of this twentieth century in the light of the first century when there was no such problem, then, how can we be able to solve this problem? The men of religion failing to solve the problem, begin to give blame to the age. And they stand against all kinds of progressive works and plans of the age. Because, they are backward in thought. But when a man of the Creator comes with a new light he is advanced of the age in thought at least by one hundred years i.e. the life of a complete generation. Here the age stands against the man of our Creator. Hence, the conflict between age and religion.


Age-long belief is not religion. Religion is the light of the Creator. He sends this light on earth from time to time to the extent which is required for the age. In my above discussions I have made it clear that none of us at the moment can claim to have received any light direct from the Creator. On the other hand, none of our religions is free from inertia. In every religion, people have been involved in thousands of problems and suffering from unlimited miseries. Their plans and programmes for solution of their problems bring them more miseries. Our religious books, i.e. the Vadas, the Tripitak, the Gospel, the Bible and the Quran – whatsoever  enlightened they may be, we are unable to derive any light from them. What we are able to derive is nothing but poison. And it is this poison which has vitiated the environment of our human society. Please do not misunderstand me. I do not mean to say that the Holy Books themselves are poisonous but the poisonous minds with which we approach the holy books have led us to the bottom of degradation of human civilization. How? We different people have operated on our sacred books from different angles and discovered different limbs of a body and burst out “Eureka” “Eureka”. Then, I say, “This is the truth”. You say, “No, no. What I say is the only truth.”He says, “No, no. Not yours, but what I say is the only truth”. Then begins the inevitable fight of hatred between the ‘truths’. I shall say it most emphatically that we have reached such a disastrous point now-a-days, that the more dive shall we give into our sacred books to find out solutions of our problems, the more hatred and dissensions we shall bring in the society. However, I do not mean to say that you should not read any holy book. Rather, I shall advise that the more you can, you read those books. But my suggestion is that you should not try to discover any more opinion to thrust it on us. Because we are already bent down with the burden of so many opinions.


We are now living in a world of chaos and confusion and seeing the whole world is now moving fast towards the point of no-return. And as I have discussed above, none of the religions of the world in its present condition has any power to hold back the world from her utter ruin. The only way to save us from the Deluge is to embark on the modern ark i.e. the scientific unity, unity in purpose and unity in faith, as I have already mentioned. I have already discussed unity in purpose. Now, I shall discuss unity in faith. As I have told you above that when a religion cannot keep pace with the advancement of time, we should then wait for a new light from heaven, that is, we should then await the award of the Creator. What is it? The Creator will choose a man from amongst us. The Creator will bestow His mercy upon His chosen man. The Creator will show him His own beauty. The chosen man will be directly enlightened with the light of our Creator. He will get his knowledge and power directly from our Creator. The Creator will also give him commandment to invite man to our Creator. At the commandment of our Creator he will invite men to the beauty of their Lord. He will take responsibility of the whole world on his own shoulder. He will be bold enough to declare like this: ” I have received inspiration from my Creator to solve your problems. Therefore, whoever you may be, may be you are a fire worshiper or an idolater, may be you are a  Hindu or a Buddhist, may be you are a Christian or a Jew, may be you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim, may be you a degenerated young man or a fallen prostitute, may be you are a poor destitute, may be you are a king or a peasant, may be you are a righteous or a wrong-doer, may be you are a sinner or a virtuous, whosoever you may be – come to me, you will see the beauty of your Lord and all your problems will be solved. All your sins will be forgiven and your Lord will make you enter into His Bliss; because, your Creator loves you. He loves you more than your parents love you. He is calling you incessantly to enter into His Bliss. So, whosoever you may be, whatsoever a great sinner you may be, come and see how beautiful your Lord is! How Great and how Gracious your Lord is! Come, come and enjoy the company of your Living Lord; come, come and enjoy the pleasure of your Merciful Lord; come, come and enjoy the sweet smile of your Loving Lord. He has opened the Gate of His Bliss. He is eagerly awaiting your arrival. Howsoever impure and untouchable you may be, come and you will turn out as precious gem. But it is I through whom your Loving Lord has opened the Gate of His Bliss. I am the door of His Bliss. Come and enter, come and enter. How nice it will be if you come! How nice it will be!” Is not it religion? Cannot we all be united in this religion, if we ever get this anywhere in the world? Are not we unanimous in this point of faith also? To response to the call of the man of our Lord and to obey him is the core of religion. Now, my Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Israelite, Buddhist brothers! my Ahmadi, Bahai, Ismailia brothers! my political, social and religious leaders! my educated, learned and intellectual brothers, my poor oppressed destitute orphan brothers, my fallen mothers and sisters, my untouchable and Harizan brothers, my labourer, employed and unemployed brothers, my high ranking government officers and my brothers in administration, you all are my brothers. I love you all alike. Can you be united with me tearing off your differences, rising above the level of hatred and violence, demolishing our superiority complexes to enter into this faith of humanity, to receive our deliverer – the chosen man of our Lord, at least to save our beloved soul from the impending deluge?


We should remember here that the man of our Lord will not preach any new religion. The religions which we are following at present have become inert and static. But our Lord is never inert  and static. He is all-spirit, He is all-lively. He loves liveliness. Therefore, the religion which the man of our Lord will be preaching will be the rejuvenation  of all the old religions in one. A Hindu will get his Vedas revived in it, a Buddhist will get his Tripitak revived in it, a Christian will get his true Bible in it, a Jew will get his true  Gospel in it, a Muslim will get true meaning of his Quran in it. But everyone should be honest and sincere and ready to adapt himself to the revitalization of his religion; otherwise, he will not be able to find out any way to his Lord, nay, he will not be able to find out any way to peace and salvation.


I have to say a few words more for my Muslim brothers. They may say, “what will be the position of this man? Will he claim to be an apostle or a prophet?” No. He will not claim so. If anybody ever claims so, we must not believe in him. Because, we believe Mohammed (Sm.) as the Last of the prophets and the Holy Quran as the Last of the revealed books. Then, what will he be doing? His work will be similar to that of a reformer only who ranks a ‘Muzaddid’ or an ‘Imam’ in Islam. After all, he will be a chosen man of our Creator. Therefore, whoever he may be, irrespective of our caste and creed, we all should obey him as a representative of our Lord, if we ever like to attain the felicitation of our Lord.


By the mercy of our Lord, if we ever get such a person, then, will it be good or bad for us? You will certainly say, “Yes, this will be good for us”. But the next moment you may be thinking like this, “Absurd, quite absurd! Our Creator will send a deliverer for us. How? Is it possible that the whole people will be united in one faith? This is quite impossible”. Therefore, some of us are not likely to accede to my proposal. Rather, I fear, some of my brothers may be spreading violence against me, for they are backward of the age in belief at least by one hundred years. Therefore, some of us will not come forward to propound the view of this religious revivalism, although they will not be able to show me a better and surer way than what I have shown you for our deliverance. If any of you can show me one, I shall be the first person to uphold your view. Man of the Lord comes for deliverance of the world, but the world stands for destruction of the man of our Lord. What a great tragedy!


Some of my brothers still may doubt about the possibility of materialization of my proposal and think over themselves like this; “Will it happen that the whole world will be united in one faith. If it happens, surely the world will turn out as a heaven – a divine place.” My brothers, believe me, the man of Lord when comes, he is well-equipped to materialize the Design of his Lord. He brings with him two things – Wrath and Mercy of the Creator. The man who will believe in him will be blessed with the good countenance of their Lord and those who will not believe in him will be punished by the wrath of their Lord. The wrath of our Lord awaiting us is the inevitable deluge. It is waiting very near to our doors. So be very very careful. None of us has power to alter the plan of our Creator. The President of America, the President of Russia, the Queen of Great Britain, the President of France, the Chairman of China and the Presidents and heads of states of all the countries of the world, whatsoever powerful they may be, wrath of their Lord is not afraid of their atom bombs or hydrogen bombs. Rather, when it is time, it will not spare them a moment. Moreover, the responsibility of the people of their countries for not accepting the truth will lie on their shoulders. So they all should arrange to receive the truth of their Lord. Another news for you: the country which will receive the truth first will dominate over the rest of the world, and the individual who will be coming first to receive the truth with conviction will be the first in rank among his people.


Some may still doubt, if it does not happen i.e. if the man of our Lord does not advent, all our activities will go in vain. Regarding the advent of the man of our Lord, my conviction is that if you all arrange to receive him, you will surely find him; if you do not find him you will have all right to punish me any way you like and there will be no plea or excuse on my behalf. On the other hand, if you do not arrange to receive him, our Lord will compel us to receive His truth, because, this is His plan and He is powerful enough to materialize His plan.


After hearing all these words some of our readers seem to have come to the conclusion that the writer of this article has gone mad. But, no. He is not a mad. He is leading a very normal life. But the difference is due to the difference of our visions only. The man of our Lord sees a thing which our average men cannot see. Our great minds also see, but there is also difference between their visions and the vision of the man of our Creator. Hence, the explanation of things of a great mind differs a little bit from that of the man of our Creator. Our great minds draw their conclusion after analysis of phenomena, but the man of our Creator says from his direct vision. However, I am neither a great man nor a chosen man of our Creator. I have told you some characteristics to find out the man of our Creator only and you have now begun to call me a mad. You can now easily imagine how honourably you will receive the man of our Creator when he will disclose his identity.

We all want a change. But, will that change come about automatically? Or, have you ever heard of any change that took place overnight as if by miracle? No. To bring about a great change, we require very cautious, steady, stiff and systematic movement as well as great sacrifice -sacrifice of life, blood, wealth and prestige, there must be a system to conduct a movement. There must be a procedure as well as some men ready to sacrifice their life, blood, wealth and prestige. All these words I have spoken to expound a system only. ( By the by, if any or our readers is interested to know in details about the system and procedure which we are following, he may contact me personally or through letters. He will be most welcome. )


However, if we are reluctant to follow this system, we are sure to fail in our objective. But our Creator never fails in His objective. He is powerful enough to raise a new generation in our place. They will follow this system and keep pace with the time and march forward leaving us behind to grovel in the ruins. This is the unique law of our Creator. This law ruled in the past. This law will rule in the future also. This is universal truth. But man are very much indifferent to reality. In the past they were warned again and again, they did not pay any head to it, so they met their inevitable humiliating destruction. Still now, they are very much defiant, so pardition seems to be their only medicine. May our Lord forgive us all and lead us all in His right way and deliver us from the disquieting condition of the world! May our Lord grant us peace in this world and salvation in the hereafter. Amen!


Dated, Dacca,

The 28th December, 1974.



Md. Bazlur Rashid


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