In the name of the Most Merciful Creator

The News of Peace in the Peaceless World


The present age is the age of peacelessness. The people are passing their time in a very disquieting condition. What is the means of salvation from this disquietude?


All my brethren know that men’s desired things are two. First, peace in this world and the second is the salvation in the hereafter. When men are deprived of these two things, the age of darkness comes out in the world. Now, we must know, why men are deprived of these two things. When the government of a country by all means tries to maintain peace of the people and the people also cooperate with the government unitedly following the orders and the proscriptions of the government, the people then live a peaceful life. But when there develops a rival group and it becomes very powerful and tries to repeal the very government, the government then faces two problems. First, to repress the rebellious group, secondly to make arrangements for peace of the people. Most of the power and means of the government are spent to combat the first problem. For this, laxity on the part of the government is discernible to combat the second problem.


We also know that people of the rebellious group are not thieves, dacoities or looters, but they rebel against the government activities which are not of their likings. Their aim is to establish a new government in place of the old one. In this critical moment of the disorderliness, one class of evil people take recourse to theft, dacoity and bloody affray. For this reason this period is very much disquieting for the general public. In this way the countrymen are deprived of peace in this world.


Reasons for deprivation of salvation in the  hereafter:  We know that so long the religious teachers faithfully observe their religious rites unitedly and give out religious advice being the followers of one opinion only, till then the general people believe that the way the religious teachers are following is the sure way for salvation and they get peace in their heart by observing the religious rites. But when dissension prevails over the religious teachers themselves and they follow crookedness giving up right path, then suspicion arises in the minds of the general public as to the very salvation in the hereafter to be lying in the advice of or the path being pursued by the religious teachers. As a result, they do not get perfect peace in their minds. In this way men are deprived of salvation in the heareafter. However, the essence of my topic is that when political disunity of the people reaches the climax, peace of their lives disappears and they pass their time in a very mischievous condition. Again when religious dissension also become very strong and they are divided into so many sects or sub-sects. then the people are deprived of salvation in the hereafter i.e. they are deprived of the very mercy of the Creator. This is the age of most degradation of the world. Then, there will not be found any such country where people will be found to have followed their political and religious lives unitedly in one opinion only.


In this very peaceless condition of the world, the Great Being that has created the world and the creatures thinks it necessary to extend His Hand to re-establish peace in the world again. This is what is called “Divine Decision”. For, this Decision of the Creator cannot be favourable to somebody or unfavourable to some others. But it is equally applicable to all. Suppose, for solution of political and religious problems of Bangladesh there shall not be found any such country whose ideals can be adopted here. On the other hand, if the  veteran reverend persons of Bangladesh try to sit together to find out ways and means for turning this country into an ideal state it will not be possible for them. For, it will be impossible for them all to pay allegiance to one person whose advice will be considered best and to work  in association with him for betterment of the country. On the other hand, the religious leaders now living in the country are not ready to give way to the person whose religious opinion would be considered best and to follow his teachings unitedly. All have now  embarked upon to combat with one another for settlement of the problems. The person who will win the combat will be considered as the fit person. But who are the losers in the combat? The vast majority, the general mass are the losers . But only a few people will enjoy the fruits of the combats.


Mental strength of a few people has increased very much as the result of the rebellion and the rebellious combats fought in the recent past. It is as like as pastime to them to kill somebody or to be killed by somebody. But the rebellion of the recent past and its result inspired a special thinking into the minds of many simple-hearted thoughtful people. Whatever religion they may be following they have wept and still they are weeping before their  Lord in their own ways. It is that very Person Who is the friend of the distressed, it is that very Person Who is the saviour of the creation, it is that very Person Who is the Best Decider, I am in firm belief that He has heard the earnest prayers of many servants   male and female and for this reason He has inspired into my mind a unique system by which all the problems of this age can easily be solved. Hence, my advice to the world people, you all are my  brethren, your joy is  the joy for me and your sorrow is my sorrow. All followers of all religions of the world shall admit in one voice that the Donor of peace of this life and the Donor of salvation in the hereafter is one and the same Person. He is not more than one. He alone has created the heaven above and the earth below. He is the Lord of the two worlds. He is the supreme power over all men. Hence, my request to you, you get all our problems solved by His assistance and get the world turned into an abode of peace and beauty.


The method of establisment of peace in the world : To arrange a World Convention in consolidation of all the governments and the public representatives of the world people. It is imperative for all the political leaders to remain present there. All leaders of all the religious communities of Bangladesh should also be present there. Besides these, the thinkers, the learneds, the law practitioners, and all other leaders of all opinions should also be invited to remain present there. Then to take an undertaking as below about “the Heaven’s Award”: “We all admit that our Creator is one. It is He Who has brought us into existence from nothingness; He is keeping us alive and in His directive only we shall have to give up our life. Therefore, it is good for us to abide by His orders and proscriptions. Therefore, the person who will come to us being nominated by Him or having  commandment from Him, we must obey his decision without any question and we must work unitedly in cooperation and association with him and make the world an abode of peace and beauty.” This undertaking should be  kept in writing that the moninated person whatever religion he may be following we all shall remain bound to accept him. For, as the Creator is one, so He will nominate only one person. Although we are followers of hundreds of opinions, but the nominated person cannot be more than one. Then, it should be officially declared fixing a time limit that a man who claims to be the nominated person wherever he may be , he should be  required to submit his claim within the time limit. This should be given wide circulation through news papers, radio, television etc. and all other broadcasting media and instruments till the time limit. If any body submits any claim after the fixed date that should be rejected outright.


The claimant will claim, “I have received massages from the Creator to solve the problems of this time.” The claimant will have to fulfil the following conditions: (1) His age should not be less than 40 years, (2) He should give acquaintances of the Creator; (3) He might have received the messages more than twelve years ago and he  must show what he has cultured during this period about these messages, (4) He must give a brief description what circumstances he had faced before receiving three messages, (5) Whether anybody was present there at the time of receiving the message, to give a brief description, what they can certify or testify about this message, (6) The country men of his acquaintances will give evidence about three attributes of the claimant: (a) about his veracity, (b) about his good character and (c) about his being an intelligent man.


Hence, it is the same and all alike to obey the man as particularized above and to obey the Creator as well. And to disobey him is the disobeying of the Creator Himself.


Now, after having the knowledge of this if anybody thinks: is it possible? The answer is: If a thing is considered beneficial to all, then all people should try to materialize it. If all people rise and demand: “We all want Decision of the Creator” then why shall it not be possible? It has not anything against any government that it will be angry with it. Rather, this will be beneficial to all. I conspicuously declar that, this would be such an Award against which no religious leader would be able to give any solution better than this,  nor a political leader will be able to give any better solution. For, the King of all kings, the Being that is the Owner of the heaven and the earth, this is His decision and in it lies His Mercy and Help. At this,  some of my brothers may raise a question that after making all arrangement for holding such a meeting if any person having all the above criteria is not found to be the claimant, then all our arrangements for holding such a meeting will go in vain. To this question, this mean fellow the writer give this undertaking that you do  complete all arrangements for holding the meeting. If you do not get such a person present in the meeting, I give you the assurance, you will have the right to kill me before the general public. In that case no objection will be acceptable on my behalf. On the other hand, it is given to understand that if anybody neglects to implement it or disbelieve this declaration, then, the very Being Who is the Owner of us all will do what He thinks necessary. I am none but a servant to reach this message to you from Him.