In the Name of the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficent Creator


The Inevitable Deluge and its Ark-II


Some of my brothers have raised questions as to how far it is possible to materialize our plan and programme of holding a convention of all the theological, political, social leaders as well as educationists, scholars and intellectuals having different opinions with a view to bringing them all in one platform under one faith.


Before I discuss the point of possibility of materialization of our plan and programme, I shall first discuss the importance of our plan and programme. Unless and until we see the importance of a thing we do not have any longing for it. The moment we realize the importance of a thing, we try to have it at any cost. Suppose, there is a country sovereignty of which is vested with such a being who sees everything that happens even in the remotest corner of his country, he hears every sigh of his people, he does everything to the best of his every people. He never does anything to the best of himself only, nor to the best of a group of people only, nor to the best of majority of his people only, at the cost of any of his people. But he does everything to the best of his each and every people. Please set aside the question of existence of such a state for even a moment and then tell me, if we can live in such a country, will it be good or bad for us? I know most of the people will agree with me to say ‘yes’. But I know, there are still some persons who will laugh at me and say to themselves, “what is the value of supposition of an impossible thing?” They are dubious people. They dare not say anything openly. Outwardly they will show their agreeability, but inwardly they will sow poison in every way they can. They think, nobody knows them, but they do not know that their Creator is looking on them. However, I have to say a few words more for them about the value of supposition of a probably impossible thing. We all know geometry. This science has developed merely on supposition, e.g. point is a thing which has an existence without any measure. Can we suppose this? A line is a thing which has length only without any width or breadth. Can we suppose this? Have not these got any value? More particularly, atomic science also has developed merely on supposition. Do the scientists ever see any atom? And, don’t we see the value of an atom? Is not the President of America or Russia afraid of this atom? Of course, they are afraid of this atom, but the hypocrites are not afraid of anything. But time has come, we all should now be very very careful and think for the consequences awaiting us.


Now let us see how far it is possible to have such a country of which I have discussed above. Suppose, there is a country of one man. Sovereignty of the country obviously must be vested with him. He is all in all in the country. Will he be happy to live in his country alone with his sovereign power? No. Naturally, he will desire presence of other persons to utilize his sovereignty. Suppose, he declares like this, “I have one objective of my life i.e. the pleasure of my Creator. Anybody having the same objective may be united with me. I shall love them. I shall give them complete freedom. But they must show me the sure and certain way to my Lord. Or they will have to follow my way so long they cannot show me a better way.” He further declares: “After hearing this, if nobody responds to my declaration i.e. neither they call me to their sure and certain way nor they come to me to hear of my way, I shall make them all responsible to our Lord for not showing me their true way, if they have any at all; or for not taking my way if they believe they have none either.” Will not all the people be responsible for him before their Lord? After this, if nobody comes to him while he is leading his life in his own way, say, a wrong way; and there is also a good number of people who are leading their lives in right way; and then after death, he along with the good people is brought before the Judgement Seat of their Lord, what will be the award of their Lord about him?  Will he be cast into hell for his wrong doings? Will not the Lord ask the good men of their account for not correcting the man? On the other hand, if he is found to be on the right way and his Lord awards him reward i.e. heaven, and the so-called good men are found to be on the wrong way, and their Lord awards them punishment i.e. hell, will they find any excuse? In any case, after hearing this declaration, nobody can shake off his responsibility of correcting himself or the man either. It is now everybody’s responsibility to think of himself. Everybody should now think whether he himself is right or wrong. If he finds himself on the right way, he should invite the declarer to his right way. And if he finds himself in the wrong way he should go to him to correct himself. This is honesty and sincerity. Of course, there are some sincere and honest men now living in the world. When they hear one declarer declaring to men in this way, they must respond to his declaration. They must come to him either to show him the truth or to accept the truth of the declarer. Suppose, after hearing this declaration, from a neighbouring country, an honest man came to him for the sake of truth only. This stranger, after some discussions found the declarer more wise and reasonable than himself. Then, for the sake of truth he submitted to the declarer. The two now became truly good friends. After some time another man came to them from another country. After some discussions, this new stranger was found to be the most wise and most reasonable of the three. The declarer then handed over the helm of his sovereign power to this new stranger. The declarer and the previous man now submitted to this new stranger and began to work according to the direction of this new man. The three are now firmly united, united for the sake of truth, united for achieving the goal of their life i.e. supreme pleasure of their Lord. Are the three now separated from one another? Are not they one in soul although they are separated in their bodies? However, in course of time, more people came to them and became united in this way. Although their number would increase, but all of them would be one in soul and in their objective. What would they feel for one another? Would not they see the others doing the same thing? That is, they would see that their other brothers doing the thing which would benefit all of them. In any case, if any of them ever would fall in deep sorrow, he would sigh in such a way that nobody would hear him sigh. Even if somebody would hear him sigh, all would begin to sigh with him and try to give him relief of his sorrows. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible, if men are sincere and honest in their purpose. But none can think of a country where all men will be sincere and honest. This is also not the design of our Lord that all the people of a country will be honest and sincere. Then, what will be the differences between this state and the present states? Whatever an ideal state it may be, there must be some dishonest and insincere people. What will be their conditions? They will try to spread hatred, misgivings and dissensions amongst the people. But as the helm of the country’s affairs will be in the hands of honest persons, these heinous persons will not be successful to materialize their evil motives. They will always be kept under strict control. Some of my brothers, I think will say, “Existence of such a state is not possible.” Then, will you kindly tell me what is possible? Will you say it American type, Russian type, Great Britain type, French type or Arabian type of government which is possible? Will you mean to say that the Americans, the Russians, the Britishers, the French or the Arabs are enjoying all peace of the world? If you say so, then, I shall say that you are engrossed in quite darkness. You are unable to see things with your eyes open. You are stone-blinds to current affairs of the world. Everywhere the same air of disquietude is blowing, but the difference is of some degree only. However, the country about which I have discussed above, if ever exists anywhere in the world, will have much value, no doubt. If a man contemplates such a country and works in that line, what will you say about his intention? Is it a good or bad intention? Will you call him a mad? Then will you kindly show me the line you are working in to bring about peace in the country or to save us from our utter ruins or to rescue us from the present vicious atmosphere of the world? You may say that you are doing many good things in different ways, that is, some are sparing a portion of their purse for the destitute, some are giving huge resources in charity, some are running charitable dispensaries and hospitals, some are running schools, colleges, madrashas, orphanages, gruel kitchens, so and so forth. I know you are doing thousands of good works for social good. But what is the over all result? Is not disquietude increasing day by day? Some will say, “we are doing our best for upliftment of our society and country. Inspite of that, if our society and country do not develop, then, what more shall we do? We must admit it is our bad luck. We cannot alter our luck. We should be pleased with what we have done.” To this I shall say. “No. We have not done our best. There are other things that we should do. We may be satisfied with what we do. But can you say definitely whether our Creator is satisfied with our works? You may say, “We are doing all good works, then, why not our Creator will be satisfied with our works? Certainly, He is satisfied with us.” To this I shall say, “This is your mere presumption only. He may not be satisfied with our works. It may be that our Creator wants other things from us. “Some of you may argue like this:” In our holy books, there are descriptions of good works and we are doing according to the sanction of our religious books. Then, why not our Creator will be satisfied with our works?” Here I like to give an example: We all know water and fertilizer both are good for well-growth of  plants. If we apply water and fertilizer, can we be rest assured that our plants in all cases will develop and give us fruit? No. In all cases it is not true. If the main root of the plant is cut off or rotten, which we do not see from above the earth crust, whatsoever water or fertilizer we may apply, we cannot expect its development or fruit. When we see that inspite of regular appliances of water and fertilizer a plant does not grow or bear any fruit, we should then consult an expert for its remedy. In cases of plants, we should consult a botanist. But in case of religion whom do we consult with? When we are seeing that inspite of our good works we have failed to bring about any improvement in our society or country, then, should not we try to find out the real cause of our failure? Should we be rest assured or should we remain satisfied that we have accomplished our duty perfectly? Should not we deeply think over the matter? Should not we consult this matter with an expert? What should we do now? I humbly request you, if you have any plan or programme for all-out solution of our problems, please let us see it and if you have none, then I shall request you to look into ours.


Here I shall discuss the main point, that is, how far our plan and programme is practicable for materialization: We have heard of so may conventions, e.g. Islamic Conference, Conference of World Peace Council, Conference of World Religions etc. How and why do these happen? All these happen because there are living in the world some honest and sincere men who sincerely feel the pangs of the people and they wish if they could do something to remove miseries of their people. The overall result is already within our sight i.e. zero plus zero equal to zero. However, my point of discussion is here not to minimise their importance, rather, these are giving me impetus direct towards materialization of our plan. If it is possible for the people of diverse nationalities to sit together to discuss matters of their mutual interest and to adopt an unanimous resolution, then, why should it not be possible to sit together to discuss a thing which is the most important thing of human life and also to adopt an unanimous resolution? If religious differences between the people are not considered to be a great barrier for attainment of unity, then, why is it so difficult for us to demolish this barrier? When we want unity of all the people, then, why shall we carry this garments of differences on our shoulders? If you say that main principles of all the religions are all alike, then, why do we hold fast the minor principles so dearly? If religion is not a condition for peace i.e. if we can get peace without religion then why should we wear the garments of religion? If religious differences are not considered to be obstacles to peace, then why should we fear to cast off this religion altogether? Actually, we all love our own religion too much, but the fact is that we do not know what true religion is. That is why, when a man of our Lord gives true picture of religion, we think, this man has come to destroy our religion and, naturally, we stand in the way of true religion. However, my point here is not to discuss true religion, but how far it is possible to implement our programme. I have discussed above that some honest and sincere men all over the world are trying their utmost to ameliorate the conditions of the suffering people. They sincerely desire to sacrifice their lives if they could do for this purpose.


What is our plan and programme? What is the objective of this programme? Has it got any value? How much importance does it have? We should know these first. Our objective is that we want peace in our life and we also want salvation after our death. Who does not want this? From our  President down to the street beggars – everybody wants this. Then, is not it essential to have it first? Now, who is the authority to give us peace in this world and salvation in the hereafter? Obviously, the answer is, “Our Creator”. Why do not we get peace in our lives at present and why does not He gives us peace and remove our miseries? The answer is, “We are not following His laws and orders”. What are His laws and orders and why do not we follow His laws and orders? The answer is, “Our Governments do not define nor enforce the laws and orders of our Creator. Moreover, we also do not know the laws and orders of our Creator. We are also in doubt about the truthfulness of religions. We do not know which one is true, whether Islam is true, or Christianity is true or Hinduism is true or Buddhism is true. If the one is true and the others are false, then, why are not the honest men punished with the dishonest men and cast into prison or why are not the dishonest men treated as equals with the honest men and set free, as the true religion is being treated as equal with the false ones? On the other hand, if all the religions are considered to be true ones, then, why should not we have separate government and separate set of rules for different peoples, as our Creator has got separate laws and orders for different peoples?” It is inconceivable to have separate government and separate set of rules for different peoples living in one state. Then, is it conceivable that One Creator should have separate set of rules for His people living in His Kingdom? If our governments do not tolerate the existence of more than one set of government and more than one set of rules, because, it is contradictory to sovereignty. Then will our Creator tolerate the existence of more than one set of governments and more than one set of rules for the people living in His Kingdom? Will not it be contradictory to His sovereignty? Enraged is our government if anybody speaks against the state principles, then does not it enrage our Creator if anybody sets up principles against the principles of our Creator? Enraged is our government if anybody thinks liberality as weakness on the part of the government, then, does not it enrage our Creator, if anybody thinks liberality as weakness on the part of our Creator? Every government is determined to crush their opponents, then, is not our Creator determined to crush His opponents? Who is more powerful?  Is it our government or our Creator? Does a government still now invite the Creator to combat them? Does a government still like to see the scourge of their Creator?  Are not they satisfied with what they already have? Will not our governments now come forward to decide what is right and what is wrong? My human brothers! Is it our plan and programme that it will be most difficult on our part to materialize? Is not it our Creator’s plan and programme? If it is the plan and programme of our Creator, then, is not He powerful enough to materialize His plan and programme? Then, our request is to all governments of all the countries of the world, political, social and religious leaders, scientists, educationists, scholars, intellectuals to come forward to decide what is right and what is wrong and to accept what is right. Time is very near, scourge of our Lord is within our sight, lashing is now about to start with. It will not spare anybody. Because, we all are directly or indirectly, this way or that way, have committed great mistakes by and through our belief and works. We are great sinners before our Lord. So we all should now be very very careful to materialize the plan of our Creator i.e. to decide what is right and what is wrong and to accept the right if we at all like to save our beloved souls from the scourge of our Lord. Whatsoever good works we may do, if we rebel against any government, if the government is just, it must punish the rebels, it will not count the good works of a rebel. Likewise, whatsoever righteous we may be or whatsoever good works we may be doing, if we interfere with the sovereignty of our Creator, or allow others to interfere with His sovereignty, i.e. if we behave in such a way that we do not count the very existence of our Lord, nor do we forbid others from behaving so arrogantly, will not our Creator punish us? Since long our Merciful Creator has been patient, but now as one portion of our people have interfered with His sovereignty and the other portion of our people have given their silent approval to this interference, we both are guilty of interfering with the sovereignty of our Creator. So we, good or bad, both have committed great sin. As our sin is great, so is the punishment awaiting us. Our programme is to help people decide between the right and the wrong so that we can save ourselves from the punishment in this world as well as to save ourselves from the punishment in the hereafter. Therefore, has not our plan got any value? To my mind, this is the most valuable thing which one should have first and this is our foremost duty to accomplish this at this very moment. So, this moment we all should be united to decide between the right and the wrong and to support the right when we know it. We believe our Bangladesh Government are trying their best to remove our miseries. If they come forward to decide between the right and the wrong and help us uphold the right above when they know it and save us from the scourge of our Creator, then, cannot it be easy for them if they wish to do so? Then, why should we think it difficult for us? We feel, this is the responsibility of our government to save us from the scourge of our Lord and we all should assist our government if they take steps in this direction. Therefore, we humbly request our government to save us from the imminent scourge of our Creator, the scourge which we have never seen.


However, to assist our government in this line we may like to give them some suggestions. Whatsoever easy any government may think it, but in practice it may not be so easy. Because, there are many religions prevalent in all the countries of the world and every religion is having large number of followers and in every religion there is also a large number of sects and by-sects having different opinions and large number of followers. And as ours is a democratic government, it cannot decide anything arbitrarily on its own accord. And again, if any government of a country, for example, the government of India, as majority of her people are Hindus, take Hinduism as her state religion, and the government of Bangladesh takes Islam as her state religion as the majority of her people are Muslims, then, the Muslims in India and the Hindus in Bangladesh will suffer from minority complex. Therefore, outright declaration of Hinduism by the government of India as her state religion and of Islam by the government of Bangladesh as her state religion will bring no peace in the world; rather, it will fan the hatred already existing between us – between a state and a state and between a man and a man. Therefore, it is not a solution; rather, it is more a problem. Again, in Islam also there are diverse opinions, e.g. the Sunnis, the Shiahs, the Ahmadies, the Mazhavis, the La-mazhavis, diverse lines of peers, fakirs, darbeshes, mazar-worshippers, batanies, marifaties, ulemas, tableegies etc. We have also noticed some ‘Imam Mehdies’ who are about to raise their heads. So it is not so easy as it was thought. It will not be pertinent nor justice to uphold any one view and ignore the rest alltogether without giving due consideration. This is against the democratic principle. Therefore, for justice’s sake, all should be given a chance to express their views and we should know what they want to do for deliverance of all the people of the world. What then should our government do now?


Before I discuss this point I like to discuss the present conditions of our states. I have mentioned above the Kingdom of our Creator, His one set of government with one set of rules. The Creator is one and His Kingdom is one and the set of rules of His government is one; but in practice, we are having hundreds of states, hundreds of governments and hundred sets of rules. Is it actually so? Every government of the world speaks of their sovereignty. Are they actually sovereign? Then, is it what that our United Nations Organisation does? Are not our states within the state of the UNO? Can the President of the USA or Russia openly say that the UNO is within them? In fact, they are within the state of the UNO. Of course, in the present state of affairs, they are able to influence the UNO by this way or that way. If they ever do so, then, certainly they are doing injustice. Therefore, whatsoever we may speak of our sovereignty, sovereignty we have not in true sense. One thing I like to add here more. Crores of people of the world are dying of starvation and we are prolonging our talks from one conference to another conference for years together about disarmament. But do we know how much we spend for safety of our people and how much we spend for killing of our people? If the UNO is turned out as a full-fledged government giving overall power to control over the whole world, all our war materials are withdrawn and handed over to the UNO or these are made inactive or utilized for human good and the budget on this account is kept nil except a little amount for maintenance of a Peace Force only, then, cannot we be able to save our hungry millions and guarantee better safety to all human beings? Is not it possible? Are not we this way or that way under the influences of two government – the USA and the  USSR? Cannot one of them rule over the whole world? If in the third century B.C. Alexander the Great could rule over the earth extending from Greece to India, if in the seventh century A.D. the Muslims could rule over the vast land extending from the Pacific to the Atlantic; if in the 16th Century A.D. Akbar the Great and Alauddin Khiljee could rule this subcontinent, will it be impossible for one set of government equipped with all the latest scientific instruments to rule the whole world? If we think we are unable, then, we must admit that we are behind the medieval age and not in the scientific age which we are most proud of. Our Creator has very kindly granted us the most modern brain by dint of which, when, we are now able to conquer the space beyond our mother earth, then, we must be capable to rule the whole world by one set of government if the helm of the government is in the hands of correct person. This is the plan of our Creator. Some may question here that one people will not tolerate the rule of other section of the people. So, it is not possible to establish one government in the whole world. What will they do? Will they fight against one another? Where will they get arms? There are no arms left for them to fight one another. Therefore, the condition is not so serious. Let them fight duel for the time being and enjoy the pastime and after a while they will be friends again. How? If we at all feel I am a Bangalee, he is a Pakistani, he is a Hindustani, and like that, then there may be hatred or dissensions against one another. If they do not feel so, will there be any possibility of fighting one another? No. How will they think themselves as real brothers one another? Actually, we all are real brothers, but it is the outcast devil who has so long been ruling over us with utmost success. But now time has come, the truth will reveal, falsehood  will retreat. The Creator has planned to expose His existence on earth, so the Devil cannot tary more. He must withdraw now. But before he withdraws he will try his last bid – the bitterest one which we can never imagine.


Some may question here that none of the possessors of nuclear weapons will be ready to hand over those to the UNO or will be ready to make them inactive. Why? Don’t they want peace and speak of peace in this world? Yes, they speak of peace very aloud and simultaneously they are spending larger portion of their budget in producing and testing their weapons. What a farce! They are false to their words. They are false to their works. They have bad in their intentions. They are accused. They will not see their own faults. They go on talking to one another for years together, but never to reach any lasting agreement. In one hand they will give sermons on peace, in other hand they will produce weapons to increase tension and mischief in the world. How funny! And the world is looking at them for peace. How foolish! We cannot expect a single drop of peace from them. Apparently, they are found to come forward with covetous gift-box; but when the ‘gift-box’ is open, we find it full of apples of Sodom. I have told you they are accused, so, they will not be able to decide between them. There should be one third person to decide between them. Who is that third person? These are the world’s honest and sincere persons who are ready to sacrifice their individuality for the sake of truth; these are the honest and sincere persons who are ready to sacrifice everything for peace in this world and salvation after death i.e. they are ready to sacrifice their lives for the supreme pleasure of their Lord. They must be united in a body. They must be united in a body like a rock, nay, more then a rock. No atom bomb has any power to break this unity; because, they are more minute than an atom. An atom whatsoever minute it may be, is a thing of this world; but the honest and sincere men so united are so minute that they will be none of this world, but each an atomic ray reflecting the light of their Lord on earth. So, how can it be destroyed by an atom of this world? Now the question is how this unity can be achieved. Before I give answer to this question, I like to ask my human brothers, “Will you please let me know whether you like this unity or not?” This is upto you to think whether you like it or not. However, I have left three questions above unanswered – one is, I have left the government at a fix in the midst of diverse opinions and I am to come to their rescue and help them coming out of their troubles; the second is that I have left my human brothers in devil’s ghostly influence and I am now to utter my ‘words’ to help them coming out of this devilish influence and the third one is to show you how rock-like unity of the people can be achieved to fight the atom-bombs.


Here I discuss the second question i.e. how we are all real brothers: Who are you?-I am Mr. X, President of the U.S.A And you?- I am Mr. Y, President of the U.S.S.R. And you?- I am Mr. Z, King of Saudi Arabia. And You?-I am Mr W, Shahinsah of Iran.* (* I have mentioned here the presidents of the USA, the USSR, King of Saudi Arabia and the Shah of Iran only to cite as symbols of power and wealth, but not to particularize them in any way. ) And who are you, my tiny man hardly clad, with a burden-like head on a more tiny shoulder, standing on more lean and thin black legs with heavy joints, stretching your hands in the air, showing your detached ribs of your body, who are you? I am an African, I am an Asian, I am a Latin American. Do you know Mr. X, President of the U.S.A., Mr. Y, President of the U.S.S.R., Mr. Z, King of Saudi Arabia, Mr. W, Shahinshah of Iran? No. Why don’t you know them? The answer is, “What is the use of knowing them?” Don’t you fear them? Answer is, “Why should I fear them?” You should fear them, because, some of them possess atom bombs, some of them possess hydrogen bombs, some of them possess much wealth. They are very much powerful as well as very much influential men in the world. So you should fear them. The answer is, “What harm or what good will they do to me with their atom bombs or hydrogen bombs or with their wealth? Moreover, they will not throw their atom bombs or hydrogen bombs to me because these are more costly than my life. They will not throw their purse to me, because, it is more costly then their own lives. Then, why should I fear them and why should I bother to know them? Yes, it is their ‘pet dogs’ who should fear them, because, they live on their grace. If they do not fear or know them, their masters may withdraw their grace from them.” Why are you deprived of their grace which their ‘pet dogs’ can get? The answer is, “We are deprived of their grace, because, we are not the sons of their bitches. And our fault is that we are the sons and daughters of their father and mother. This is the difference.” Ah! Our Lord! Save us! What a terrible mankind we are! O our Lord! Save us!


We all human beings are the sons and daughters of the same father and mother – Adam and Eve, are not we? – “Yes.” Then, what is the difference between an American and an African, between an European and an Asian? Actually there is no difference between a man and a man. Moreover, the most common ingredients of you and mine, nay, of the whole mankind is our inseparable indivisible and indestructible mind. All over the world there are only two kinds of things of which one is congenial to our mind and the other is incongenial to our mind. The things which give you pleasure, I also get pleasure in them. The things which gives you sorrow, gives me sorrow alike. The beauty which gives you pleasure, pleases me also. The bad smell which creates your displeasure, creates displeasure for me also. Then, what is the difference between you, an American, and I, an African? Is it due to your birth on the American soil and my birth on the African soil that makes the difference? Is not our birth accidental? Can you say your birth on the American soil was according to your choice? No. You cannot say that man is born on the soil he pleases. Therefore, are not you an American accidentally as I am an African accidentally? Then, is it so significant that we should count this accidental difference so highly? Has your country any natural barrier which an African cannot surpass? No. No country has such natural barrier. Then, what is it that makes the difference between you and I so insurmountable or invincible or unsurpassable that you will be looking at me so despicably? Is it your nationality feeling or religious feeling that makes the difference? We know, you have no religious interest, because, no religion is confined within the four boundaries of any country. There are crores of Christian people living in European countries for which you have not the same interest as you have for the Americans. Therefore, ultimate analysis makes it clear that our nationality feeling is the root cause of our differences, hatred and dissensions. So we should try to dispel this first. I have shown you above that we are all men and women of the same father and mother and we all have one mind having the same sense of feelings. Actually, there is no difference between a man and a man, the difference that we have is nothing in kind but of some degrees only. Then, should not we love a human being whatsoever his present status may be more than our ‘pet dogs’? Should not we like a thing for my another human brother that we like for ourselves also? Should not we dislike a thing for my another human brother that we dislike a thing  for ourselves also? Take for example: You do not like to starve yourself, nor do you like to see your sons and daughters or near relatives starve themselves, then, would you like to see your other human brothers starve in Africa, Latin America or Asia? Would you be able to bear if you see your mother, your father, your sons and daughters begging from door to door with an earthen pot in their hands for a morsel of food? Then, how can you bear it when you see millions of men and women and children are dying of starvation? What will you feel when you see that your loving sons and daughters lying on the footpath without any care and suffering from fatal diseases in their persons? What will you feel when you see that your loving sons and daughters dying in the corridor of a hospital for want of medicine and treatment? What will you feel when you see that your loving and dear ones shivering of cold, lying naked on the open veranda of a sky scrapper curbing like the tail of a dog? We are the millions of people living this sub-human life in a condition worse than that of a cat and a dog of your country. Don’t we belong to the species of your own mankind? Then, what do you feel when you see us? Are not we your human brothers and sisters? Certainly you will say that you are sanctioning crores of dollars as grants, aids, loans, or relief on humanitarian grounds and what more you can do. Yes, we are very much grateful to you. Your government have helped our government in many ways. Our benevolent government also are very much pleased with you. In this respect we do not find any difference between you and our president. You both treat each other as equal brothers. But we are sorry to mention here that your grants, gifts, loans, aids etc. are very much ‘rich foods’ and we are unable to digest them. The more you will give us, the more you will see us. If you sincerely try to help us, you are to change your mode of giving. Whatever you give us as President of America, our President will be able to digest your gifts, because, he is your friend, as he holds a position in our country similar to yours in America; but these are very much “rich food” for our digestion. So, if you try to help us you should turn us all as presidents. It is not possible for you. Then, what is possible? You should become a man like us. I do not mean to say that you should give up your all wealth and belongings, you should be naked like us or you should starve like us. But what I mean to say is that you should treat us as your real brothers and sisters, born of the same father and same mother. We do not beg from your wealth or your good grace, this will not help us a little bit. What will help us is that you should feel for and behave with us as equal brothers. This is universal brotherhood, this is equality in true sense, this is fraternity in true sense. Low and high, rich and poor, these differences will remain all over the world for all times. But all human beings are obliged to prevail a sense of equality, a sense of fraternity and a sense of humanity. Whatever great man you may be, if you do not feel the obligation of treating other human beings as equals, you will be committing a great sin in the eyes of your Creator, because, it is not I or you who have made the differences, but it is our Creator Who has created us all as He has pleased. If our Creator  had so willed, He could make me, the starving man on the African soil, the President of America and if He had so willed He could make you, Mr. X, President of America, a starving man groaning on the soil of African desert. Is it now possible for you to consider me as one of your equal brother? Probably you will say, you always treat all human beings as equals belonging to one humanity. You may say, you have the same feeling for other people of the world as you have for your own brothers. Then, whom do you consider as the target of your nuclear weapons? For whom have you amassed your nuclear weapons? For whom are you supplying these weapons to as well as strengthening your positions in different parts of the world? Are not these spreading hatred all over the world? You are doing all these things to prove your supremacy over others.  Do these carry any sign or sense of your humanity? At all not. You all big powers are deeply engrossed in cold war to defeat one another. But if you think yourselves wise, considerate and reasonable, you must start to thinking that your Lord is far more powerful than you.  Before Him you are nothing more than a wing of a mosquito. Therefore, the weapons you have amassed for use against others, your Lord is more powerful to use them against your own selves. So, you should be very very careful for your own safety, and this moment you should look for your own safety leaving aside the question of others’ safety. Because you love your own selves more than any other things of the world. Everybody loves his own soul more than he loves other things. But most of the people does not realize it. When he sees the angel of death at his death bed, he can realize it only then when there is no time left for rectification or repentance. None of your nationality feeling nor your audacious gift will come to your assistance, except what you have done for the sake of justice i.e. what you have done sincerely for attainment of the pleasure of your Lord. We all are passing through a very critical moment of human history. We have become very much indifferent about our Creator. We are behaving so arrogantly that our very postures and gestures speak of the non-existence of our Creator. So, He has planned to show His existence so vehemently that none of us will be able to withstand this except those upon whom His mercy will prevail. This time He will establish His oneness – His monotheistic rule on earth. I am giving you this tidings not for my own interest, nor for your own interest, nor for the interest of majority of the people only, but for the interest of each and every people of the world. And the men who will sincerely show their agreeability to this plan of their Lord and work for its materialization, will enter into His Bliss and the men who will show their disagreeability to this plan and stand in the way of its materialization, will be compelled to test the grievous penalty of their Lord. So we all should be very very careful. Time is very near. This moment we all should be up and doing to save our own souls. Time is very very near. You will see, everybody crying ‘save me’ ‘save me’! Should not we this moment rise above our nationality feeling? Should not we this moment forget our artificial differences between an American and an African, between an European and an Asian, between a man and a man? Should not we this moment uphold the view that we all are human beings and we all are brothers and sisters of one family? Do you still feel that actually there exists any natural barrier between a man and a man? Therefore, a man, whoever he may be, if he comes to establish justice on earth, cannot we be able to tolerate him and his rule of justice? Will it still excite our nationality feeling? No. If anybody ever feels so he will meet with the displeasure of his Lord, because, it is against the justice of their Lord.


Now, I shall discuss here the first question i.e. the troubles in which I have left our government in the midst of diverse opinions i.e. what our government should do now. As I have spoken of all international, it is better on the part of our government first to prepare a proposal for consideration by the UNO. The proposal will be like this: “We all want peace in this world as well as salvation in the hereafter. But different men speak of different ways for attainment of this objective. If we accept one’s view arbitrarily, it will hurt others and give birth to more hatred and more dissensions amongst the people and the nations as well. But as our intention is to impart justice to all and injustice to none, we forward this case to the UNO for their decision. And whatever they will decide, we shall abide by their decision.” If the UNO come forward to accept this proposal for consideration, our government will be relieved of the responsibility for holding the general convention as I have mentioned first. In case the UNO do not accept this proposal, it will be the responsibility of our government to hold such a convention seeking sincere co-operation of all the governments and people of the world. If any foreign government as well as their people co-operate with our government, it will be well and good. In case they do not come to co-operate with us, our government alone will arrange the convention in co-operation of the people of this country.


But before doing anything they must know what they are going to do and what their objective is. I again like to mention here that they must be sincere and honest in their objective and they must be adamant in achieving their objective. Otherwise, chaos and confusion will be the result of their activities. So they must be distinct and very much particular about their objective. They should always remember that they are none but the vehicles for implementing the design of their Creator. Here is nothing personal or party interest but interest for all the people of the country, nay, of the whole world. If they come forward to materialize this plan of their Creator, it is well and good, and if they do not care to pay any heed to it, our Creator will take very much care to materialize His design by them whom He pleases. The Creator never fails in His objective.


However, in the hope that our Bangladesh Government as well as some other countries of the world eventually may come forward to its materialization, I am leaving here the following  suggestions in brief. They will invite representatives from all sections of the people – religious, social, political and those who are scholars, intellectuals, learned and great thinkers and request them to submit their names, if they have received any inspiration from their Lord to save us from the present vicious conditions of the world and from one ahead of us. This invitation should be given wide publicity through our radio, television, news papers so that it can reach the remotest corner of the world. There should be a time limit which may be fixed at the earliest convenience of the government of the country which will organize this convention.


I am again constrained to mention here that the man who will receive inspiration from our Creator, will be the chosen man of our Creator. Then, it will be our all-out obligation to obey him in all respects, if we like to have communion with our Lord or mercy of our Lord. Therefore, whoever he may be, we must be ready to obey him in all spheres of our activities – whether it is in the field of our social reforms or political reforms or religious reforms.


Here some of my brothers may question that why he is not disclosing his identity now. In reply to this question I beg your pardon to mention here that this is the plan of our Creator that He will establish His rule all over the world and the devil who is reigning at present will be ousted from his power. The devil knowing his approaching end has already sowed his germs everywhere in the world. These germs are very much powerful to create dissensions and disbelief amongst us. The moment the man of our Creator will disclose his identity, all these germs will get chance to raise their heads and each of them will claim to be the real man of our Creator. Then, it will be very much difficult on our part to distinguish between the right and the wrong. The same chaos and confusion will be prevailing all over the world. Then, the devil’s end will be successful. But our Creator knows far better than the devil knows. Therefore, it is His plan to crush all these germs in the bud so that they cannot rise again. So the procedure is being suggested here is for the good of us all.


Some may say, “It is dogmatic. We do not like to believe in such a dogmatic idea. The Creator Who had so long been silent about His Creation, why will He now plan to establish such an absurd ideology which had never been done on earth after Creation?  We do not like to believe in such a thing.” My brother! Have I said anything unreasonable, unrealistic or unscientific? Then, how can it be dogmatic? The plan I have shown you, if materialized, will not it be good for us? Then, how is it dogmatic? My brothers! I am telling you nothing new-fangled. Have you not heard of the story of the people of Noah? Who was it that ruled over the world after the Deluge? Was not it our Creator? What was the fate of the ‘Ad and Thamud people? After their destruction, who was it that ruled on earth? What was the fate of the people of Nirmud? After their destruction, who was it that ruled on earth? What was the fate of the people of Lut? What was the fate of the people of Pharaoh? Who was it that ruled on earth after their destruction? Will you still consider me a dogmatist? Alas! Men are very much forgetful! But I feel it is my foremost duty to remind our people, nay, the people of the whole world about the fate which our earlier people met in the past for their defiant arrogance, and the fate which we shall be meeting if we do the same arrogance in defiance of warning.


Let us come to the point of our discussion about our convention. We are giving our utmost importance to find out a man who might have received inspiration from our Creator in order to deliver us from the present mischievios conditions of the world. So our concern is with the inspired man and none else. We do not consider the man other than the inspired ones competent enough to deliver us nor do we consider the man who were once inspired but not in existence now in person as our saviour. Because, so far too many experiments and trials have been made on us and still we are under strict observations of our religious, political and social leaders and well-wishers, but our condition is going to be worst day by day. So under the appalling circumstances we have now been compelled to turn our face from our wise, learned, benevolent intelligent, generous, powerful leaders, advisers, policy-makers and planners of our governments to our Oft-Forgiving, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Creator and we are waiting to see His decision about us. Now some may question here as to how we have known that this is the plan of our Creator. In reply to this question we may simply state that this is the most reasonable, most scientific and most necessary conclusion that we have arrived at after minute analysis of the present state of our affairs. Can any of you prove that this conclusion is fallacious? Will you kindly come forward and show us what you think to be the plan of our Creator?


However, after hearing of this invitation, we believe, somebody must respond to this call and claim to have received inspiration from their Lord. Because, the men who have received inspiration of their Lord, whatsoever their condition and wherever their abode may be, cannot sit idle and remain silent or hidden, as I have said in the first part of this article, they must come out to speak of the message of their Lord to others. And the sections or the opinions for which none will come to support their own views, that is, the people who support a view for which they cannot claim to have received any inspiration from their Lord, should be rejected. They should give up their own views or opinions on their own accord and should be united with the inspired ones.


I have spoken of our One Creator, His One Government and One set of rules for His One Kingdom. So, we believe, His Chosen man through whom He will establish His one government will be one and not more. If there are more than one claimant, one of them will be the real claimant and the others will be false ones. Therefore, to sort out the real from the false ones, we here suggest the following tests:


  1. His age should not be less that forty years.


  1. He should give acquaintances of our Creator i.e. a complete picture of His Reality and Qualities.


  1. The inspiration which he will claim to have received from his Lord must be 12 years old at least, and what he has done during this long period with this inspiration should also be displayed and described.


  1. He should briefly narrate what strange incidents or circumstances he met with in his life before and after receiving the inspiration.


  1. He should also narrate whether there were any other persons who might have witnessed the incident of his receiving inspiration.


  1. The people of his acquaintances should give witness about his three qualities : (a) about his truthfulness and trustworthiness, (b) about his good character and (c) about his wisdom.


If after appliance of these six tests there still remain more than one claimant, then men will see the miracle of their Lord in favour of the true claimant. However, if some raise any question as to the justification of these tests, we shall request them to let us know what kind of tests they will like to apply for this purpose.


When by the Grace of our Creator, identity of His Chosen man will be known to us, we shall all, whoever we may be, have to owe our allegiance to him and sacrifice our individual identity in the identity of the Chosen man. We should then seek his advice in all our activities and conduct our lives in accordance with his advice and directions, as we do at present in a modern state. This is the Government of our Creator. Now some of my brothers may mock at me and turn down my proposal as an unrealistic and impossible one, because, they are unaware of the power and strength of the Creator. So, it has now become most necessary on the part of our Creator to show us His power and strength to which we are very much indifferent. I, therefore, request you all to unite yourselves to receive the man of our Creator, before He shows His power and strength. If we still want to see His power and strength, then it will be a very serious consequence that we are waiting for, because, the time when He will show His power it will not benefit us; rather, we shall have to meet our very humiliating destruction.


Now I shall discuss, how rock-like unity can be achieved. Till any country or the UNO comes forward to implement this plan we shall go on preaching this plan that I have expounded above. If it is from our Beloved Creator, of course; we believe so, we must be successful by His Grace. In a nutshell the plan is: We the people of the world have been engrossed in the depth of sin as a result of which the cup of our humiliation is full and we are sipping our humiliation from the cup. In this state of affairs, there is none but one Creator Who can save us from this humiliating condition. So, we feel, His Special Mercy is our only requirement for the moment. In the past, the world faced such condition so many times and every time He bestowed His Special Mercy on the people through His Chosen men. Upto Muhammad (Sm.) these chosen men were called prophets and apostles and after Muhammad (Sm.) they were called reformers of religion. This time also we believe in the advent of a chosen man from our Creator to deliver us from the disquieting condition. We are looking for this chosen man. We now send this invitation to all our human brothers who feel the necessity of advent of a chosen man for our deliverance, to unite and co-operate with us. This invitation is open to all people – men of all castes and creeds. We believe, those who will accept this invitation and respond to this call will have one purpose in view i.e. supreme pleasure of their Lord and they will be one in faith i.e. the faith of the chosen man of our Creator. And these are the men who will form the nucleus of scientific unity to fight the atom bombs. And my brothers! those who do not feel the necessity of advent of the chosen man from our Creator for our deliverance, will you please suggest your ways how you like to deliver us?


May our Lord grant us strength and valour to fight His enemies and give us victory. Amen!




Dated, Dacca,

the 31st December, 1974.