In the name of the Most Merciful Creator

That which is to be obeyed must be known first.

That which is to be obeyet must be known first. Since, we want to obey the Creator, then it is exigent to know Him first. In the matter of knowing the Creator, an example is given here,. Whatsoever land or country you may be living, you must believe that land or country must have a president at the top of the government. You must further believe that the president of a state can never be more than one. You also further believe that the president of a country or a state is not something like a tree or an image or a photograph; rather, he is a man of flesh and blood. But this believe to know a president is not sufficient. Rather, you must have some knowledge about his qualities. Such as, the president is the supreme power in the country. He has the sole authority to frame the constitution for good of the countrymen; for the interest of the countrymen the president can change, abrogate and/or add any point in any section etc. in the constitution. All these matters in relation to the president of a country should be believed in. As for example, transportation in a road was effective yesterday, but today that has been suspended. For, curfew has been imposed today on that road. It should also be believed that for proper implementation of his authority, the president must possess three more qualifications: as (1) he must possess sufficient knowledge; (2) he must possess speaking power/faculty of speaking and (3) he must possess the faculty of seeing. For any of the above three qualifications is wanted, the president will not be able to keep up the post of presidentship. Any sensible person can realize all these things.

Now, you think, how vast is the earth? The size of the earth is one of the sun’s thirteen lac parts. One fourth size of that earth is land only. Within this land there are hundreds of countries. And a very small portion of that land on which you are the authoritative owner, you must possess all these qualifications for maintenance of your post, then the Great Being Who is the Owner of the earth with all the land and water, moon, the sun, innumerable planets, stars all other visible and invisible living and material things in and around the limitless vast universe, isn’t it exigent for Him to possess these three qualifications? So, if the Creator is to be obeyed, then we shall have to admit in one voice that He is the Self-sufficient and the Real Being possessing all the qualities.

What is difference between a President and the Lord of the universe? The president is a limited being since he comes into existence by birth and comes to an end by death. And the Lord of the universe is infinite, since He is beyond the very notion of birth and death. The president whatsoever and whoever he may be, life of everybody is borrowed and temporary one. Everything of his qualities and abilities is borrowed and temporary. But the entity of the Creator is His Own. So, His qualifications and prowess all are His Own and permanent. Now mind it very carefully, any president whoever he may be, in the course of his leading his state or country with all his limitation if he becomes a mad he cannot more remain in the post of presidentship. If he becomes a blind and or a dumb he must give up the post of presidentship. And if he dies, then everything ends away. If after death of a king or an emperor it was possible to lead the kingdom with his mere image or photograph, then there would not have required birth of crores of kings and emperors. On the other hand, had there been ever possible the death of the Creator or had there been any cessation of His power of knowledge, seeing or speaking, there would have seated corers of Creators on the throne of the Creator.

So, the entity of the Creator is permanent, His knowledge is permanent, His faculty of seeing and speaking also is permanent: His speech was never ceased, has not ceased and will never cease. The Creator is Desiderative. He is ever competent to do whatever He wishes. So, those who believe in the Creator, but disbelieve in some of His qualities, there is fallacy in their believe.

Men endeavour to earn love of their Creator following His directions. But, if the Creator does not make His wishes known to men, then how will they know His wishes? Suppose, in spite of the existence of the constitution, in some matters there arises any confusion or differences of opinion, to give clear understanding about the matter and to maintain unity of the people it is necessary for the president or on his behalf some one has to give advice to the people and for some special circumstances he may effect some changes in the constitution. If all these matters in the case of the president are agreeable and acceptable, then why these matters will not be acceptable in the case of the Creator, the Lord of the whole universe? The Christians believe that: “A man cannot know the Creator by his knowledge or by his arduous endeavour or by pilgrimages, but if the Creator Himself makes him known by His speech, only then he is able to know Him. Such as, in early time He spoke to men like Noah, Abraham and Moses. Lastly, He spoke to Isa, the Christ and thus ended His speaking. He will not speak more.” But with this saying how much fault they have attributed to the Creator, they are unable to realize it. If it is thought that the Creator has ceased to speak being deprived of the faculty of speaking, then is He competent enough to be seated on the throne of the Creator? The Muslims also believe that men cannot know the Creator by his wealth, power or by sheding tears, but if He Himself makes manifest to anybody he can only know Him, otherwise not. So it is the reality that the Creator is all the long competent to speak and express His wishes always.

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