In the name of the Most Merciful Creator.



Knowledge of Reality is the True Knowledge


Knowledge of Oneness is the Salvation of Mankind



There is no doubt – the present world has accomplished much development in science and knowledge. But the thoughtful intelligent peace-loving people are as yet arranging “peace meetings” in different places for establishment of peace in the world; it clearly proves that the world is in want of peace in true sense. For all-pervading peace in the world, it is necessary to attain perfect unity and for attainment of perfect unity it is necessary to establish one human nation removing the entity of different nationality feelings. Again, for establishment of one human nation it is exclusively necessary to follow only one opinion giving up the doctrine of versatile opinions now prevailing in the world. It is also very true a fact that to follow only one opinion requires to follow only one leader. Therefore, the ingredient which is wanting at the very root for establishment of peace in the world is the want of that world leader. Now the question is: who will fulfil the want of that world leader and is it possible for all the world people to follow only one opinion or one principle? However, I feel it necessary to discuss the matter thoroughly.


The natural instinet of mankind is to follow one principle individually. Birth and death is an enacted law of nature. In the past man came into existence by birth and dissolved by death. This law is effective in the present time also and for the future time also this law will remain effective. Every created being is bound to follow this law. Such as, every child takes birth in its mother’s womb, every child is bound to live without teeth, knowledge and without the power of walking and speaking. This system prevails everywhere in the world. Then every sense organ has different feeling power. For whole people this law is the same. The life of man is like the sun. The sun rises at the day break taking reddish colour having no heat. Gradually it rises high in the sky, in the midday it shines scorching heat and  brilliance dazzling the eyes. After that it falls down in the lower sky, loses its heat and  lustre and then taking again the reddish colour it sets and fades away in the evening. Like this the human child also takes birth without having any quality and influence. In course of time, he is bestowed with knowledge and other qualities bit by bit and in youth he reaches the climax of prosperity. Somebody become billionaires, wrestlers – before the power and influence of whom the common people dare not to look at them full glance. But this very influential man becomes an old inert losing his youthfulness. Lastly, in the bed of his dying he becomes a child again. After that one day the sun of his life fades away by death. Is there any person belonging to any language or any land can get rid of this law? So, all the people of the world are passing their lives following the laws of nature or natural religion.


Now, I like to speak about another fact. All human beings are of the same belief. Such as, I am in belief of my life without seeing it. All people of the world also are in belief of their own lives. Look, my life to me is the dearest one of all the things. Like this, all people love their lives most than all things. Look further, peace of life of every man depends on food, clothing and living place and these depend on his earnings. So, the more is his earnings, the higher is the standard of living materials, and he enjoys peace and happiness of life. So, the person whose earning is enough is considered as the fortunate one and the person whose earning is much less is considered as unfortunate one. But the system of men’s earning, amassing and spending money are not controlled by any fixed law. But the system in case of other creatures what has been fixed for them from inception will remain the same till the end of the creation. For this reason they could not develop their position and shall not ever develop any time. Only human being is developing gradually from the beginning and there is possibility of attaining further development. For this man is called the best of the creation.. Now it should be known  whether man has become the best of the creation by his own accord or is there any other factor which has contributed for his attaining this highest position.


O the people of the age of development! You are aware  that it is the real truth that no action is possible without an actor. Such as, a piece of white paper. In it I have written     the alphabet ‘Ka’. This ‘Ka’ is an action, the procedure in which way the alphabet has been written is called acting and I am the actor of the action ‘Ka”. Then, it can be seen that the action ‘Ka” has come into existence as per my will and if I wish I can rub it out. So, on my very  wish existence of my action its presence and non-existence depends. According to this reason, it will be found, that the  earth is as if a white paper, everything on earth including the creatures are all actions i.e. comes into existence by birth, it has no existence before birth and it comes to an end by death – it cannot remain in existence after death. Look, action is limited, it cannot be infinite and it is incapable, it can never be competent. But the actor is infinite for He is beyond life and death. He is competent. And the Being who is infinite and competent himself and Actor of all actions, He is one and alone. Such a Being can never be more than one. So without this knowledge of oneness, men can never get salvation. And this knowledge of reality and the knowledge of oneness – to realize it by oneself and to make others to realize it is the capability of man only bestowed on him by the Creator of the universe. Any other creature does not possess this capability. The fact that has been discussed here, any man having sense can  listen to it and will be bound to admit it. But if I go to a cow with horns and try to make it realize it, it will never realize it, rather it will try to attack me with its horns. So we should admit that at the very root of attaining our supremacy is the Creator’s special gift  which He did not grant to any other creatures.


O the people of the world, know it with very certainty that man possesses two souls – one physical soul which is possessed by every  creature. It is possessed by men also. But the other is spiritual soul which has been gifted to men only by the Creator. This is what is special gift and for this reason only man shall have to overcome natural law or to surpass the natural religion and shall have to follow a separate extraordinary religion.


Now, it should be known what is the difference between biological religion and the spiritual religion. Every creature has been given a kind of knowledge and every creature has been given the senses and different limbs. The power to lead the senses and the limbs has been given to the soul within the body. But that is limited physical knowledge. So it can not attain the news of the infinite universe surpassing the limit of the limited world. So he thinks the soul of the body as the most beloved one and takes him as the only desired object. For peace and content of this very soul, he leads and directs all the sense-organs and the limbs under his control. In a word, the life within the body is as if the  lord of life and his sense-organs are his worshippers. And everybody likes good food, beautiful abode and pleasing clothes. Therefore, in whose life these articles are of very high standard he thinks himself fortunate. And its opposite is considered unfortunate. Now, the thing to be judged here is that the man who has been created as the best of all creatures by the gift of  knowledge of reality from the very beginning, if this man comes to down-stair and follows only the laws of the  biology or the  laws of physical body, then will not he be a beast in the shape of a man? Mens by dint of their acquired knowledge of reality invent new things – other creatures cannot do this. Men by dint of their knowledge understand that they will have to live in union with others. Otherwise, they will never be the owner of the building in natural way by changing their very fate. With this knowledge only men began to live in union with others establishing a social system and afterwards they developed from the new limited social system to the extensive social or state system and won prosperity. With this  very knowledge of reality men can understand that a headman is necessary for formation and maintenance of a society. For every society there is a provision of headman and for every state there is a provision for a president. In this civilized world of today there will be found no contravention of this. But there is no end to men’s aspiration. It transpires that men will never have real peace so long men will not be bound to follow that very spiritual religion as directed and prescribed by the Creator who is beyond the beginning, eternal, one and unparalleled Omniscient Supreme Lord of the universe. Now, listen to me, wherein lies the main impediment to the establishment of world peace. The learned man knows it that when a number of people like to live together in a place, it is quite natural to have differences of opinions very often in many matters. So it is necessary to lead one’s life obeying allegiance to such a powerful leader who is capable enough to give right decision about differences of opinions. And it is also necessary to have three special qualities for the real Decider. Firstly, to look at the subordinates as his affectionate off-springs. Secondly, he must possess judging power.; he must be capable to make understand by reason and  evidence whose opinion is right and whose opinion is wrong  amongst the disunionists. Thirdly, he must be in possession of sufficient courage and power to establish the right opinion  and demolish the wrong one. The person having the above three qualities can establish justice and justice is the root of peace of the world people. So, when there is not found any leader having good justice, there prevails no justice in the society and when there is no justice in the society there prevails no peace.


In to-day’s world the smallest unit of the social structure is the Union Council (Union Parishad) and the greatest is the U.N.O. Every unit has a headman at its  top place, but in every stage of the social system there exists quarrellings for dissensions. As for example, we are two brothers. One brother is of opinion that the world has its Creator, after death men will revive again,, we shall have to face judgment in the Hereafter for our deeds – good or bad in this world, in reward of good deeds one will enjoy peace and the other will suffer in reward of bad deeds etc. The other brother is deadly against this belief. He says, everything in this world comes into existence and dissolves by natural law. Man is also the same. But the man who earns knowledge by struggle and toils and the more he develops his livelihood the more is his peace of life and this is considered his fortune. And the person who is idle, does not  labour hard and does not earn knowledge and does not try to prosper by activities he lives a life of  misery – this is called his misfortune. So, this world is the place of action and enjoyment of life. There is  nothing about hereafter and the day of  resurrection. Now, you think and say. Is it possible to develop fraternity and cordiality between these two antagonistic followers? O my wise brethren of this civilized world! Tell me, men belonging to two such antagonistic beliefs – are not they found in  every unit of the social systems of the present world? Then the question is: Are these two opinions true? It can not be. One is surely right and the other is wrong. And the settlement of these dissensions is the responsibility of the headmen of the societies. So, despite the existence of the headmen of the societies no decision is coming out; hence, it is understood, none of the headmen of the societies has any  knowledge to decide which opinion is right and which one is wrong; or if  they have possessed such judging power they are not bold enough to give effect to the right opinion and to dissolve the wrong opinions. So, the man who has no authority to give decision is not worthy person for the post of headman. However, the reason for not having any settlement of the dissensions is that, men can realize that they cannot live in peace without having any communication and liaison with the people of the country of the world. So the headman of a country having faith in the Creator and in the Hereafter wants union and friendship of other country although the  headman of that country has not faith in the Creator and in the hereafter. If now the former says to the latter that: “your opinion is not right, so you give up your wrong opinion”. He will not abide by this advice. On the other hand, if the latter says to the former that: “your opinion is not right, you give up your opinion”; then he will not also abide by his advice. And it is also true that the leader or the headman of the society can decide the quarrel of the subordinates. But here both are the headmen toping the list in the country. In this condition who is the person to decide between them? Although one party is here right and the other party is wrong and if the right party tries to dissolve the  wrong opinion of his opponent keeping his right opinion effective, then there will be a war. Therefore, keeping aside the subject matter of dissension, in respect of other matters like political affairs they try to maintain friendship between them. In this way they have made it possible for the world people to sit together  making friendship  with one another. It is true, men have advanced much in the achievement of their objectives, but they have not yet succeeded full in the attainment of the  main objective. The  reason of this is that their endevour to make real friendship possible between the followers of two antagonistic faiths or opinions is as much as to make possible the union between the day and the night. So to say despite the  establishment of the so-called organization for universal brotherhood i.e. World Organization, i.e. the U.N.O. men are still unable to enjoy untainted happiness, security  or real peace.


It is true, men get what they wants although a bit late. So, as men want real peace, then it is certain that real peace will be possible one day on this earth although the dissension has not yet been decided, but the step for decision has been made possible. Erstwhile men’s mind was so shrinked that people of one faith thought the people of other faith as patients of contagious diseases, but this trend has disappeared. Now the chances for sitting together and holding discussions between the people of all opinions has much expanded. All these have been made possible by the invisible Hand of the Creator. What has happened and what will happen everything is in His design. I have said before, that the knowledge of reality is the knowledge of truth, and the man who is a realist must admit in one voice that no action is possible without an actor. So the man is an action and the Creator is the  Maker of all. That Maker is fully capable of fulfilling our want for the World Leader. For this reason it is said that only man can give peace to man if they all believe in one faith, and abide by only one opinion. Wealth and property cannot give peace. And only man can be the root of all mischief if they belong to antagonistic opinion. However, the essence of the topic is that every man for his own salvation shall have to be a monistic and for establishment of peace all have to be one in opinion and for this reason a man well versed in monism should be reckoned as the leader and be obeyed.



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