In the name of  the Most Merciful Creator.


My Opinion is the Road to Peace



I want peace of my own, peace of my people and peace of the whole world people. And since every man has right to find out reasonably the road to peace and to follow that way, until it contravenes others’ peace. For this reason, my request none of my brothers without any reason should obstruct me from expressing my opinion. I simply believe, the root of peace and prosperity of men lies in unity and the root of unity lies in one nationality feeling and the root of one nationality feeling lies in obedience to only one principle. So for peace of you and of mine i.e. for all mankind the above three matters are very important. For, until a man follows one principle, one nation can not be formed. Again, until one nation is formed real unity cannot be established and until real unity is established real peace can not be achieved.


Some of my brothers may raise a question. Is it possible for all mankind to follow one principle? For, somebody have faith in the Creator and somebody have not. And amongst the believers in the Creator also there are followers of many different opinions and many classifications. Still we want to establish unity with all classes of people.


I request my questioning brother to try to understand my topic with an aptitude of reasonable argument.


Different people must have different opinions. But it should have to be judged whose understanding is right and whose is wrong; and he whose understanding will be found right shall have to be centered for formation of unity.


I believe, all men belong to one race. The proof of this is that I am a man. The way I took birth, all men of the world had taken birth in the same way. In my childhood I had no teeth, beard-mustache, knowledge, intelligence, power of walking, speaking etc. and nothing else; this was the case with all the people of the world. I have five sense-organs and every sense-organ has separate feeling power, this is true in the case of all people of the world. I have a mind, whatever thing is in the world – some of them are desired of mind and some are undesired. Such as, disease and health, bad smell and sweet smell etc. So, the things what my mind likes, similar is the liking of all men of the world. Such as,  health and sweet smelling. It clearly proves that all people of the world originally belong to one race. Therefore, I like to speak in open voice, O the world people! you all are my racial brother. Let us forget our communal dissensions, establish one nation and be united together.


Now, question may arise, how will all the people of the world be followers of one principle? So as to say, the principle means religion in fact; and the religion to its devotee is dearer and purer than his own life. And in the event of prevalence of different religions in the world, pure and perfect unity or one nationality feeling cannot be developed.


To this question I like to tell you that,  all  men of the world will admit that the very meaning of religion is peace. The principle following which real peace of life can be attained is the religion. Thus, when the root of all religions is the same, then, what is the reason of objection to the following of one principle?


I simply believe that, the sky above and the earth below – surely there is only one Creator of this sky and the earth. He is the Owner of you and of mine and all mankind of the world. He is the Donor of life to the king and the peasant, rich and poor, lettered and unlettered – all men of the world over and the Donor of the code of life also is He. Therefore, we can form unity centering that very Owner of the world and it is very easy and straight.


Now, question may probably arise, how can that Creator be centered around since He is shapeless? To this question I may like to say that although the Creator is shapeless, yet the supreme power to lead the world people in the path of prosperity lies in His Hand only. Its proof: from the beginning to the present time, whatsoever changes and developments have so far been done, have been done in different times by different men only. And we call them inventors. They are the medium of this progress and changes. But if we think a little we shall be able to understand that, these inventors also are not the owner of their own existence. So, how can they be the owner of their qualities? Then, the very truth is that,  when the Creator likes to bestow some good upon mankind, He selects some people for the purposes, blesses them with particular knowledge and qualities keeping them separate from other men. In that time what He likes to bestow upon the people, He imparts practical knowledge about the matter and the procedure for its implementation and give them inspiration from behind them so that they can proceed on overcoming all terrible impediments. Lastly, when their invention is completed or the plan is implemented and the people accept their invention as useful things, He then takes away the life of the inventors to Him by death. However, multipurpose development of the people is surely necessary. So, the appearance of the different inventors on different subjects is, of course, necessary. For this reason, He makes somebody learned in medicine, somebody in mineral resources, somebody in mechanism, somebody in speedy transports etc. Man is the medium only.  In fact, all are the actions of the Creator only. So it is said that: “Every thing is being done by the Lord of the Universe Himself, but the name of the actor is attributed to other than His”.

All peace-loving people will admit that if all the people of the world follow one opinion and obey one principle, only then real peace and prosperity of mankind will be possible. Hence, shall not the Creator create such a man who will give acquaintances of the Creator and with His commandment only he will invite mankind to help them communicate with the Creator?


But if we ever like to get that man we shall have to be innocent. Since that person shall be one and not more, he must have only one opinion. In the present world there are  hundreds of people having hundreds of opinions. It now appears very easy and possible to be united with a man having one opinion giving up all other opinions. So, for the sake of the Creator, we can form unity obeying the nominated person and following his opinion and this will be the Creator’s nominated path which is the desired object of all the human beings of the World.

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