In the name of the Most Merciful Creator

The Good News.


“Despair not ever to see darkness

Be hopeful light is very near.”


O the world people, O the sorrow stricken beggar, O the man deprived of hopes, Good News for you all. From whom this Good News? To whom belong the heaven above and the earth below within which we live from Him this Good News. The Glorified, the Magnificent Lord has again taken initiatives to remove sorrows of mankind, to fulfil hopes of the deprived people, to settle all quarrels, mischief and crimes, to decide all dessensions, to forgive all accusations of the sinners, to make chaste the unchastes, to purify the impure ones. Is there any man whose life has not been given by the Creator or whose death is not in His hand? Is there any person ownership of whose entire possessions does not belong to the Lord? Therefore, can there be any intelligent person who does not love his Lord much more than his own life? So, whatsoever country a person may belong to or whatsoever language he may speak, there surely lies in the heart of every person respect and love for his Lord. But that has been kept hidden in secret. Hence, owing to ignorance men think that there is probably no Creator or He is very far off. Somebody think that it is not possible for men to have communication with or being related to the Creator. For this reason only the Creator from age to age makes Himself acquainted through the medium of a chosen servant, re-establishes communication and thus refutes wrong notions of the created servants. So I call out all my human brethren on behalf of that One and Absolute Lord. You get prepared to receive the Decree of the Lord and with this end in view, you the common people in association with joint endeavour of the government, take the initiative for holding a meeting. In that meeting the Creator will deliver a speech in the voice of the nominated servant. He will make the arrangement for solution of all the problems with the  medium of that servant. He will purify the impure ones. He will deliver the degenerated people. You will be enjoying an abode of peace or heavenly bliss on this very earth. That nominated servant, whoever he may be, you will get him present in the meeting place. I am firmly in belief in this matter. So I am calling you out all keeping myself bound as surety and I am giving the promise that if you do not get that man, you will have the right to take any action you like against me. Alternatively, if any of my brethren for good of mankind can show any way better than this, then please call me out to that. I shall keep myself behind him and obey his orders. But if he cannot come out successful, then he should give us the right to take any action against  him also. If none of my brethren does not response to my call nor does any brother call me to him, then it will be understood that you are crooked persons. You like to live in quarrelings and you do not want any settlement of your problems.