In the name of the Most Merciful Creator

A Plan for the World Peace



When we all want peace, then it is pertinent to know the root cause of disquiet in the world. The root cause of disquiet is the dissension of one another. For this reason only, whatsoever opinion we may be following and whatsoever good our advice may be, men of all opinions are not agreeable to listen to and/or accept it wholly and they are thus unable to bring in unity. Hence, in spite of giving away sermons hither and thither by many advisers, our problems are still in the increase in the world today. As for example, where there is dissension between the followers of religions and the followers of  politics, the followers of religions think it unnecessary for them to attend to and/or to receive any advice from any meeting arranged by the followers of politics. On the other hand, the followers of politics also think it similarly unnecessary for the political leaders  to attend to and /or to receive any advice from any meeting arranged by the followers of religion. Again, where there is dissension between different religions, followers of one religion think it unnecessary for them to attend to and/or to receive any advice from any meeting arranged by the followers of other religion. For instance, it is thought sin for a  Hindu follower to attend to or receive any advice from a religious meeting arranged by the Muslims and for a Muslim in a religious meeting arranged by the Christians.


Again, where there is dissension between the political leaders themselves, and where there are antagonistic sects and sub-sects even within their own opinon, followers of one sect or sub-sect are not inclined to pay heed to and/or to accept, advice of their other antagonistic sects or sub-sects. For this reason, peace cannot be established anywhere in the world.


One more thing is to be understood that a man whatsoever learned and honest he may be, until he speaks out his advice before the general mass, the learned men cannot judge it nor can they support it. Therefore, it cannot be put into action nor it can be materialized. However, if we want to bring peace in the present world we must give up our all differences of opinions. To that end, we must pay heed to advice of such a person whose advice or teaching will be equally beneficient to the people of all times and places and everyone of us will be compelled to recognize its exceptional needs by all reasons and arguments.


Now, let us see what it is, as for example, by means of questions and answers :-


 Question :

Answer :

Question :

Answer  :

Do you want peace?

Yes, of course.

Do you want complete peace or a part of it?

We want complete peace. ( Most of us are unaware of what is meant by complete peace. Hence, the ingredients of complete peace are mentioned here. The ingredients of peace are six as follows : (i) Youth, (ii) Health, (iii) Solvency, (iv) Good Consort, (v) Good Environment and (vi) Freedom. Attainment of the above six ingredients at a time in a place is the root of complete peace. And absence of any or more of the ingredients is called partial peace.)

 Question:  Do you want peace for temporary enjoyment or permanent enjoyment?
 Answer:  Of course, we want that peace which can be enjoyed permanently.


Then, listen to me, nobody can stay in this world permanently, hence, peace is not permanent here. Therefore, my advice to you all is that you should not go mad for this temporary peace of this world. For, the very presence of the six ingredients mentioned above in a place at a time that makes complete peace possible can never be enjoyed in any country by any king or peasant, lettered or unlettered, rich or poor; if anybody ever gets anything of its kind that comes to an end like dream after a very momentary enjoyment.


O man! Can you endure your own opinion? Never, you can’t. After death everyone of us meets with the people of other antagonistic sects of our own faith in the same place, that is, in the graveyard or cremation ground.


O man, do you think that graveyard or cremation ground is our final goal? O my dear brethren! I am speaking the truth, the goal of us all is one i.e. nearness to our Creator. He is the Giver of our life and it is He who is the Receiver of our life as well. He alone has created men of all times, places and opinions; He alone is keeping us alive and He alone is taking us to His nearness by bringing death on us all.


O man! I am speaking the truth, this place is not meant for enjoyment. It is the place for understanding. Joy or sorrow is not anything permanent here. It is as if some one dreamt that in a violent storm his boat was drowned, with great misery he went ashore. After awakening he found himself lied on the bed. Although this dream was very momentary, he could have realized what the danger was. Again a man, likewise, dreamt that in a very pleasant palace being surrounded by many friends and lady friends he was enjoying various delicious food in a great feast. But after awakening he found himself lying in his own bed. Although this joy of his dream was very momentary he could have realized what was called peace. O my brethren! I am telling you the truth, our Creator is one. He is our Owner as well. He has sent us not for enjoyment. He has sent us only for understanding. O men! I am telling you the truth, the Creator has created two worlds. One mortal and the other immortal. Hence, we all shall have to live in the immortal world. There have been kept two abodes – one for joy and the other for sorrow. You are a man alone, so you can’t go to two abodes. You shall have to go either to the abode of sorrow or to the abode of joy. But these abodes have their owner too. The person Who is the Owner of our past, present and future,  this very person is the Owner of these two abodes too. Therefore, none of us can enter either of the abodes without the permission of their Owner. O my brethren! I am speaking the truth, I am not rival of any body and none do I ever think enemy to mine. Therefore, I am giving to you all good advice, you think and consider, the Owner to Whom we all shall have to go, we shall have to go to either of the two abodes with His very permission only. Everyone of us is aware that He will provide His dear ones with the abode of joy and only the obedient persons are His dear ones. Therefore, I am giving away advice to you all that you should become obedient and dear ones to your Creator and Owner. I hope, the advice or teaching which has been given to you so far, there is none else in any country or a follower of any opinion or any antagonistic people who can tell me that this advice is unnecessary for any of them. Hence, I request you to accept this advice. And if any of my brothers thinks that this advice is unnecessary, I request him to give me advice which is more necessary and more useful than this.


Most conspicuously I am telling you that without making any communication with the Creator and without knowing His orders and proscriptions, nobody can become His obedient and dear one merely by following one’s own wistful desire. For this reason, He nominates a man, from age to age, and with this Mediator He maintains orderliness among the people of the world. This is the exceptional mercy for the general people from their Owner. Without this exceptional mercy the lost ones do not find any way out.


O learned man! You know it very well that it is all the same to obey the owner himself and the person nominated in his behalf by the owner himself. Therefore,

It is he who has got the one, got the Lord,

It is he who has not got the one, has not got the Lord.

It is he who has got here, he will get in the Hereafter,

It is he who has not got here, he will not get in the Hereafter.


Question: Now, I again put this very question to all my brethren: for the establishment of peace in the world on the foundation of unity by removing all problems and demolishing all dissensions,  isn’t it necessary to have mercy and help of Him Who is the Owner of the people of the whole world?
Answer: Yes, of a surity it is.
Question: For having mercy and help of the Owner, isn’t it necessary to have appearance of any of His beloved servants?
Answer: Yes, of a surity it is.

O my brethren! Those who do not feel the necessity of appearance of any beloved servant from the Owner of the world for the establishment of peace in the world, I request them to give me what better advice they have for peace in the world. And, of those who feel the necessity of appearance of a Beloved Servant from the Lord, I request them to have communication with me for implementation of this plan.